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February 27, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to choosing the right outdoor animal repellent, you need to consider the type as well as application. In truth, the application is imperative to getting the best outcome from any repellent product you choose. This post will share with you everything you must know about using organic outdoor animal repellent and how to maximize your results.

There are a diverse number of pests you must deal with as a gardener ranging from weeds to insects, groups, spores and even animals. Unwanted animals are especially frustrating to deal with because their intelligence and persistence might limit the number of ways to eliminate them. Short of killing them, you may consider using an outdoor animal repellent.

What are organic outdoor animal repellent products?

Outdoor animal repellents are products that are formulated to take advantage of that target animal’s sense of taste and smell to discourage them or make them uncomfortable. Typically you may have to choose between traditional outdoor animal repellents and organic outdoor animal repellents. The key difference between the two is that organic outdoor animal repellents are made from naturally occurring chemicals instead of being synthesized in the lab. These products are kinder to the environment and will help reduce pollution without introducing new chemicals to your plants, soil and ultimately your good.

Many organic outdoor animal repellents are also non-toxic and offer a humane solution against the targeted animal. So you don’t have to worry about killing the animal or any other animal in general. Nevertheless, most people worry about the effectiveness of organic animal repellents. Usually, they seem costlier than their traditional counterparts but the long-term benefits of using them outweighs the cost. Still, merely applying your organic outdoor animal repellent isn’t enough. There are steps you must take to use your repellent efficiently for the best results.

1.Always choose repellents designed for the target animal

It is highly important to first identify the animal that is causing you trouble and choose a repellent that meets that need. Repellents are developed to target specifics about animals. So the more specific the repellent, the better your chances at discouraging them from your garden.

2.Place your repellent in vantage spots

Placement is also important to increase deterrence potential. Depending on your preferred formula (granular or liquid repellent), there are different modes of application. Granular repellents are excellent for creating some sort of physical barrier. It is ideal for setting up perimeters directly around vulnerable plants. It is also suitable for creating a stronger deterrence around areas where you suspect the target animal loves to frequent in your garden. Liquid repellent sprays can be applied directly to plants, bushes, and other parts of gardens or lawns. Combining both kinds of repellents ensures that you create an irritating environment that they will stay away from.

3.Increase deterrence by picking varieties that discourage unwanted animals

Besides applying your repellent, you should also consider cultivating plant species that will keep those animals out. Do realize that planting these crops don’t provide 100% protection but they naturally make it harder for the pest animals to have their way.

4.Add physical deterrence

Combining deterrent strategies would always be the best way to get rid of unwanted animal critters. This is why you should also invest in physical structures that would also discourage that animal from returning. For instance, fencing is an excellent barrier against a great number of unwanted animals and can be paired with your organic outdoor repellent for the best results. If you don’t want a full-out fence, you can also consider cages, row covers, tree guards and lots more that directly protect your crops like a blanket.

Choose Nature’s MACE Organic Outdoor Animal Repellents

Nature’s MACE develops the finest blends of natural outdoor animal repellent that can help you keep away cats, dogs, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, deer and lots more. Each repellent product is specifically designed for a single target animal or group of animals sharing similar scent and taste preferences. What’s more, NAture’s MACE provides three repellent forms; granular, liquid and concentrates that can be effectively applied to your garden right away. You will especially love that Nature’s MACE organic animal repellent products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. That way, you can protect your precious plants without causing harm to the animals you want to deter.

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