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January 13, 2022 2 min read

There are diverse kinds of animal repellents out there. In this post, we will discuss reasons why you should choose humane animal repellents.

We understand how frustrating and awful it is to deal with deer, rabbits, squirrels and other animals overtaking your property. They can transform areas in your property into nesting zones, dining spots, litter boxes and lots more. However, pest control is no longer limited to using poisons and lethal traps. But then you might ask – should you choose humane pest control products? Are they really effective?

The effectiveness of humane animalrepellents

Contrary to assumptions, humane animal repellents can be just as effective without harming these animals. However, like other repellents you also have to put in place measures that will prevent those animals from being attracted in the future. For instance, you need to avoid providing nesting zones (hidden spots under sheds, garage etc), and food sources (trash cans, bird feeders), These can work against your animal repellent and may even enact aggressive behaviors in the squirrels making them fight against being dislodged from their newfound home.

Other reasons to use humane animalrepellents


Lethal poisons and traps are extremely dangerous not just to the critters you don’t want. They can also be dangerous to pets and children around. Pets and children can work into these traps or consume them. Some unsafe chemical compounds may also find their way into water sources causing widespread contamination thereby risking the well-being of everyone around.

2. Sanitary conditions

There’s also a risk of dealing with dying or dead animals. If they are not addressed in a timely fashion, they might stink up your property. Humane solutions, in contrast, don’t require that you kill or remove animals in that way. Humane animal repellents will only get rid of the pests by irritating or scaring them off.

3.Legal concerns

In many counties and states in the U.S, it is now illegal to put out lethal traps and poisons especially when dealing with outdoor pests. Therefore, you might be breaking the law and inviting diverse legal repercussions by using them.

4.Targeted solutions

Humane solutions are usually designed with the targeted animals in mind. They are formulated based on that animal’s natural aversion to certain substances. Therefore, they can easily drive away those unwanted critters without risking or harming the animals you love. What’s more, most humane solutions are also easy to apply and don’t require special handling techniques.

If you are looking for a dependable brand that offers humane animal repellents, Nature’s MACE is the best choice. Nature’s MACE prides on a firm dedication to producing 100% natural, non-toxic animal repellent solutions against unwanted critters. Our products range from concentrates to ready-to-use sprays and granular formulas. You can have indoor and outdoor animal repellent solutions against deer, rabbits, groundhogs, stray cats and dogs, and lots more. You will also love that Nature’s MACE repellents are available in a variety of sizes for different properties. With Nature’s MACE, you can have a pest-free and safe environment.

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