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February 09, 2022 3 min read

Cultivating a thriving garden is a gorgeous sight. But then, you may have to worry about the plant-eating animals that can destroy your garden.

There’s nothing more heart-wrenching than finding your lush green yard trampled by deer, rabbits, and other critters. But then, you might be faced with choosing an individual repellent for one animal versus a ‘repels all animal repellent.’ It’s important to realize that each category of repellent comes with its set of benefits and drawbacks. Knowing these pros and cons will help you choose the best animal repellent solution for your lawn and garden to enjoy the best results.

Choosing your best animal repellent product

Generally, a versatile product might seem economical. Versatile repellents come with a boatload of ingredients. So they may seem like a great idea when dealing with different kinds of critters. But then a multipurpose repel all animal repellent may contain minute quantities of each active ingredient. This means you may not have enough protection against the specific animal or group of animals you wish to protect your garden against.

Therefore, the ideal repellent is a specially formulated product containing a concentrated formula targeting one or two animals. You must realize that animals are, by nature, very adaptive. So, you are better off with a product that was made, bearing in mind many of their characteristics and adaptive behaviors.

Other things that can influence the success of your repellents.

1.Always start using your repellents early enough.

To best modify the behaviors of critters around your area, it’s best to prevent them from using your plants as a food source in the first place. For instance, animals like deer are very resilient and may keep coming back to the scene even after being repelled a few times. Therefore, you need to have your repellents in place before or early enough to prevent them from establishing your garden as a habitual food source.

2.Don’t forget to follow the instructions to the later.

Applying too little or too much of a product has been the reason behind many tales of woes. It’s always important to follow all instructions outlined by the manufacturer to enjoy a better outcome.

3.Maintain robust repellent application initially.

Regardless of how long your product lasts, you might have to reapply every couple of days at the onset. This is especially important when dealing with hard-to-repel animals like deer with a good sense of smell and may require a more consistent re-application to keep them away.

4.Always protect yourself

Just because a product is safe doesn’t mean it may not irritate your skin or nose. Safety means it may not expose you to toxic or harmful chemicals. However, the ingredients might still be irritating to your nose, mouth, and skin. So, it would help if you always used masks and gloves when applying any product. Again, you should only use products specially labeled for the region you want to target. This means only using outdoor products for the outdoors and vice versa.

5.A patch test is also important.

It’s imperative to always test run your product as some plants may be more sensitive. Therefore we recommend testing your chosen animal repellent in a small area and waiting at least 24 hours before completing the application.

6.Invest in other deterrent methods

Always remember that no single product or deterrent approach can offer complete protection. Your best protection requires diverse processes combined. For instance, you can combine physical barriers (invisible netting, fencing chicken wire), sound deterrents (e.g., radio), and your animal repellent to enjoy robust protection against unwanted critters.

7.Choose non-toxic ingredients

Protecting your precious plants isn’t the only goal. You also need to protect the environment and invest in non-toxic ingredients that will not kill the animals you try to keep out of your garden. Choosing an organic and natural repellent will also protect your pets and little children from accidentally eating poisonous substances.

Final thoughts

Choosing a tailored repellent against one that repels all animal repellents might be an excellent idea. Nature Mace brings you a wide array of non-toxic, Eco-friendly animal repellents to keep hungry animals from destroying your garden and landscape. All Nature MACE repellents are long-lasting and can protect your precious plants for up to 30 days before requiring re-application. Nature MACE offers solutions with diverse modes of action, including odor and taste repelling action to keep those devours out of your garden. With Nature’s MACE, you can enjoy the most effective, humane solution to your animal problem.

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