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December 29, 2021 3 min read

If you would like to choose the best animal repellent for gardens, then this post is for you. Here you will learn how to evaluate animal repellent products out there to make the best choice.

Choosing the ideal repellent to repel pest animals from your property can be challenging and frustrating. There are a great number of animal repellents out there designed to deter target animals from your garden. But only a handful can deliver the best results. And because it’s about your gardens, you want to ensure that the best animal repellent will not harm your precious fruits and vegetables. Here are some features to look for when choosing the best animal repellent for your garden.


The first and foremost feature you should look for is that your animal repellent is made from natural and non-toxic ingredients. The best combination of all-natural and safe ingredients will ensure that your repellents don’t harm or impede your vegetables. So you need to carefully scrutinize the ingredients in your chosen repellent. Besides, you wouldn’t want to choose a repellent that could possibly harm your neighbor’s garden as well. Beyond that, you should always test the animal repellent you choose on a patch before using it around your entire garden.

2.Type of repellent

While searching for an environmentally friendly repellent, you should also consider that many products out there claim to be Eco-friendly but may not be as effective. For instance, many ultrasonic repellents out there might just be knocks. A more excellent choice to augment your physical barriers is chemical repellents which may be formulated as liquids, concentrates, or granules. Liquid animal repellents can be sprayed around the perimeter of your garden while granules can be used in segments to create an odor/taste defense.


Besides the safety of your garden, you also have to consider the safety of the animals. There’s nothing to be gained by harming the animals to get them out of your garden. Besides, lethal poisons and traps for outdoor pests are illegal in many states and downright inhumane. Your best repellent for the garden is a humane pest control solution.


Finally, it’s essential to consider how long your repellent would last before you get a replacement. In the case of chemically-formulated repellents, you must consider the length of time before the effects of the repellent fade away. Do realize that the amount of time your repellent would last after application would depend on the weather conditions. If you live in an area with prolonged heavy rains, you might have to reapply frequently.

No one repellent does the job

It’s highly important to realize that your pest repellent can’t do the entire job of repelling animals. You need a multi-pronged strategy of chemical repellents, and physical barriers to effectively keep these unwanted animals from your vulnerable garden.

Nature’s MACE is a unique brand dedicated to designing the best animal repellents for gardens. Our products are environmentally safe, humane, and active and will keep pests out of your precious gardens effectively. Nature’s MACE scientifically proven formula combines scent and taste to trigger innate fear response causing deer, rabbits, and other unwanted critters to flee. You will especially love how safe our repellents are around the most sensitive vegetable patches. Browse through our complete selection of the most effective, affordable, and harmless animal products and choose the best solution that gives you that much-needed peace of mind.

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