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December 30, 2021 3 min read

This guide will help you ensure that your dog repellent spray delivers the most remarkable results without putting you in harm’s way. Click for Dog MACE Questions & Answers…

Dog repellent sprays are an ideal solution to help deter dogs from your property. These repellent sprays provide almost instantaneous protection and are easy to apply. You can also have dog repellent sprays in small and easy-to-carry options ideal for directly confronting aggressive dogs.

Other dog repellent sprays appear in large containers ideal for spraying across large perimeters such as your gardens, lawns, furniture, and lots more. Nevertheless, the best dog repellent spray isn’t dependent on the formula alone but on the minute details to achieve the best results. Here are some important tips to achieve the best results with your dog repellent sprays. Click for Product Review…

1.Timing is critical

The timing makes the difference when applying dog repellent sprays to your environment. For instance, if you wish to deter stray dogs from your property, it’s highly important to apply sprays as early as possible before they create territorial markers (i.e urine) on your property. If this has been done, you might have to wash off all upright objects on your property before applying your repellent spray. You might also require re-application consistently to actually make them stop coming back.

2.Wear protective gear

Some repellent sprays may be irritating if you inhale while applying around your home. Therefore you should always consider a mask and protective gloves to avoid coming in contact with the spray.

3.Make your sprays last longer

To ensure your spray lasts longer, avoid repellent sprays containing alcohol as the alcohol evaporates quickly. It’s also important to choose a waterproof formula that provides long-lasting protection. However, how long you would stay protected depends on the weather condition. If you live in an area prone to rainfall, then you might require a frequent application to achieve the best results. We also recommend that you combine your repellent spray with granular repellents to build a more solid defense.

4.Breed matters

A repellent spray that works for one breed may not be as effective for the other. Besides breed, age and motivation for unwanted behavior may also influence the effectiveness of your repellent formula. This is why you might have to use multiple repellent sprays depending on the type of canines that frequent your area.

5.The indoor application requires a careful approach

While you require consistent application outdoors, indoors, you may have to reduce the frequency. In truth, you need to balance frequency with other alternatives. For instance, if you are trying to deter your pets from digging up your plants, you should use the granular repellents while at the same time, providing alternative playing spots for your pets.

Nature’s MACE dog repellent spray is a powerful formula that can protect your valuables and help with training your dog from destructive behavior. Nature’s MACE dog repellent is an alcohol-free, non-toxic Eco-friendly dog deterrent. That way you can effectively keep dogs away from your treasured property, without harming them, little children, or the environment.

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