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December 14, 2021 2 min read

Are you wondering the best way to keep stray dogs or your neighbor’s dogs from your fence and yard? In this guide, we will share some practical solutions to keep dogs away from your fence.

If you have pets, such as a dog, it might mean some unwanted guests. Dogs are social animals and may attract a stray to your property. This usually gets worse if you have a female dog. However, these visits are usually far from friendly. Usually, it might bring about a territorial war. In other instances, the stray dog may have parasites and might likely share them with your pet, thereby causing health issues for your family. Therefore, you want to keep that dog away.

Sometimes, your existing fencing structure may not be enough, especially if it is too low. While you may consider increasing its height or investing in a stronger fencing barrier, here are other measures you should put in place to deter strays from your home.

Make your yard less appealing to dogs

One of the sure-fire ways of attracting strays to your yard is leaving your own pet’s food outside. Hence you should always monitor your pet’s feeding and get rid of the leftovers once they are finished. You should also avoid attracting strays into your home by keeping trash tightly canned or bagged. We recommend investing in garbage cans with locking handles as they are your best bet against all kinds of critters. Nevertheless, this measure isn’t enough on its own.

Cultivate a dog repellent garden.

You can also plant certain flowers with pungent smells and dense foliage. For instance, dogs dislike the smell of marigolds. Plants like Marigold can encourage strays away from your yard. Marigold can repel certain pests and bugs as well.

Spay your female dog

When female dogs go on heat, her smell will serve as an attractant to male dogs from miles away. To stop this from happening, spay your female dog. It’s also interesting to note that spaying your dog can minimize her risks of cancer and mammary tumors.

Spray the edge of your yard with a suitable dog repellent

An excellent dog barrier can be created using a suitable dog repellent like Dog Mace by Nature Mace. Nature Mace creates specially formulated dog repellents made from natural ingredients that would not harm your plants or grass and the animals. All you need to do is walk the perimeter of your yard and spray the grass as you go. The smell of Nature MACE dog repellent will effectively keep them out without harming them.

Concluding thoughts

Whether strays or your neighbor’s pets, you would want to keep dogs away from your fence. With the solutions we have outlined you can create a barrier that discourages them from jumping over your fence. However, the best natural solution you should consider is a suitable naturally formulated dog repellent like Nature Mace. Nature Mace makes a variety of humane dog repellents that would effectively keep them out without causing any harm to you or your pets.

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