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November 10, 2022 3 min read

Bed bugs are blood-sucking pests that find their way into our homes in numerous ways. They are known to infest even the cleanest homes. So no one is immune to having bed bugs in their home. We do realize that bed bugs feed on human blood. But what about pets? Do they live on them? In this post, we will explore the possibility of having bed bugs on our pets. Click for Eco Friendly Bed Bug Killer…

Will bed bugs get on dogs?

Bed bugs will not live on dogs or any other pets. They don’t like making their way through their thick fur. In truth, bed bugs prefer humans and only seek pets when desperate. If they hop on, they will try to feed as quickly as possible from areas where they won’t be obstructed by too much fur. Proximity may also play a role in bed bugs choosing your pet as their food source. Bed bugs may also feed on dogs if they sleep in the same bed as humans or sleep on the floor next to your bed. They are also at risk if they spend time on your furniture, one of the best hiding spots for bed bugs. That said, no matter their choice of feeding, they will not spend too long deep in their fur but will try to get off and look for a place to hide nearest to that feeding source.

How to look for signs of bed bugs on your dogs

Because bed bugs won’t stay put on your pets, you may only find suspicious bites. The best way to establish that you genuinely have an infestation is by checking your pet bedding and crates for blood stains, bed bug droppings, shed skins, and streaks. You also need to check around your home, especially your own bed, mattresses, baseboard, headboards, carpet, loose wallpaper, wall hangings, and other hidden spots for more signs. That said, you can’t treat bed bugs on dogs with regular treatment for fleas. There is also no actual treatment for bed bugs for them. The only thing you can do to treat the bite marks is clean with anti-itch shampoo and water and apply an anti-itch ointment. Next, it’s time to protect them from being bitten again by treating your home for bed bugs.

Final thoughts

Will bed bugs get on dogs? Bed bugs will not likely travel on your dog’s fur. They dislike movement and will only seek to feed on dogs when they can’t find access to their preferred human food source. Still, you can protect your dogs from bed bugs through vigilance. Check their furs periodically for bite marks and treat your home accordingly. Treating bed bug infestation will likely involve a robust treatment plan that combines several activities, including chemical treatment. But you must ensure you aren’t exposing your dogs to harmful toxins during treatment.

Will bed bugs get on dogs

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Do bed bugs bite dogs?

Do bed bugs bite pets?

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