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November 14, 2022 2 min read

Bed bugs are small insects that can live on your hair and bite your scalp. We will talk about what happens when bed bugs bite and the steps to prevent them. Click to Review Eco Friendly Bed Bug Killers…


Will bed bugs bite your scalp?

The shortest answer is that bed bugs bite anywhere, including the scalp. This is because they have the right equipment for piercing and feeding on human blood. They also release a numbing agent at the same time they feed, which makes it difficult for most people to realize they have become fodder for insects. That said, it is highly unlikely for bed bugs to find their way into hair since they don’t have the appendages required to clink to hair follicles. Instead, they will likely feed through exposed skin and run off to safety. Therefore, it is much more common to find bed bug bites on the neck, hands, arms, and legs – anywhere that is exposed.

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To confirm if you are dealing with bed bugs, you need to look for signs about 8 feet from where you sleep. Bed bugs will often hide in dark and undisturbed locations, including the baseboard, headboard, frame of your bed, tags or seams of the mattress, box springs, drawer joints, under loose wallpaper, and many more. In addition, you should be looking for signs of bed bug activity, such as:

  • Bed bug exoskeletons which look like the actual bugs but are empty
  • Live bed bugs rushing into hiding
  • A sweet, musty, and characteristic odor (often a sign that the infestation is worsening)
  • Rust-colored streaks or spots on your furniture and mattress.

How to treat bed bug bites on the scalp?

If you find bite marks on the scalp, you can first take a hot shower with shampoo to wash away any bugs that may have remained in position. Then see your healthcare professional to identify what bugs are responsible and decide the best treatment course. Next, a healthcare professional can help you confirm if you are dealing with bed bugs. You should equally note that bed bug bites are not as dangerous since bed bugs aren’t disease carriers. But bed bug bites can be extremely itchy and may become infected if you scratch them excessively.

Final thoughts

Will bed bugs bite your scalp? Yes, they can, primarily if they can feed without going through fur or hair. So finding bugs in your hair is a typical sign of headlice. But moreover, look out for more signs to be sure you are treating your home for the correct bugs.

Will bed bugs bite your scalp

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