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October 28, 2022 3 min read

Will bed bugs get in your hair? Bed bugs are tiny insects known for their desire for the blood of humans and animals. But, considering their flat, oval-shaped bodies that enable them to hide in the tiniest cracks, you may also wonder if they can get in your hair or anywhere on your body. In this post, we talk about whether bed bugs can get in your hair and how to protect yourself from bed bug bites.Click for Eco Friendly Bed Bug Killer…

Will bed bugs get in your hair?

It is very rare to find an actual Bed Bug in your hair. Bed Bugs prefer to stay out of sight and away from all movement. They will only wander to feed and then quickly move out of sight. That said, it is plausible that they might try feeding through the scalp while you sleep, but they won’t make their home there. They don’t have the body structure for clinging to hair follicles. If, for any reason, they are in your hair, they can be easily washed out of the hair while you bathe.

If you are looking for signs of bed bugs, it is much easier to find them in dark and undisturbed locations, usually about 8 feet from your bed. The most expected areas to see bed bugs include:

  • Box springs
  • Tags or seams of the mattress
  • Near the piping
  • Loose wallpaper and wall hangings
  • The junction between the wall and ceiling
  • Electrical appliances and receptacles
  • Cracks in your bed frame and headboard
  • Drawer joints
  • Seams of couches or chairs

What other parts of the body can bed bugs live on?

Interestingly, bed bugs don’t live on any part of the body. They only get in contact with people every few days to feed. As with your hair, bed bugs don’t have the anatomy to live on the skin. Because of the chances of their falling off, or getting washed away, they will prefer dark, stable, and undisturbed hiding places.

Which bugs live in human hair?

If you found bugs in your hair, then you may be dealing with other insects. For instance, head lice are smaller than bed bugs and spend their entire lives in human scalps. However, unlike bed bugs, lice have crab-like claws, which they use to hold on. Scabies mites are another bug that moves from one person to the next through skin-to-skin contact. Scabies will actually burrow into the skin but don’t generally affect the scalp or hair.

Fleas are another bug that may transfer to humans through household pets. But fleas prefer to bite the lower legs and ankles. If you find bugs in your hair, consider visiting your healthcare professional to determine the type of bugs you are dealing with and the proper treatment for them.

Final thoughts

Will bed bugs get in your hair?

Will bed bugs get on hair? Bed bugs will not get on hair or live in it. However, if you find bug bites from bed bugs and have established that you are dealing with bed bug infestation through other signs, treating your home as fast as possible is necessary. Treating your home for bed bugs usually requires a whole-home approach, including laundering, heat-drying clothes, vacuuming, and chemical treatment. One of the best bed bug killer sprays that won’t expose you and your household to harmful substances is Nature’s Mace bed bug killer. Nature’s Mace bed bug killer is a non-staining eco-friendly formula suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Try Nature’s Mace today, and you can confidently treat your home for bed bugs without requiring numerous re-treatments. Click for Bed Bug Killer Reviews…

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