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November 13, 2021 4 min read

How to use dog deterrents to protect your property? Are there good deterrents against dogs? This article will share with you steps you can take to keep dogs off out of your yard, gardens, and property.

Dogs are gorgeous furry animals and often become special members of our households. However, they are not always best for our gardens or yards. If left unattended, dogs can dig up and uproot your precious flowers and vegetables.

They can also urinate on your grass, and their urine may cause the death of those plants leading to unsightly burns around your lawn. Dogs are also known for leaving their poops and ‘presents’ lying around, creating an appealing environment around your home. This is why you need to take advantage of dog deterrent methods to prevent your furry friends, strays, and even the neighbor’s dogs from damaging your landscape.

How do dog deterrents work?

Dog deterrents take advantage of substances that dogs tend to have an aversion to. For instance, you can consider odor-based deterrents, which use their strong sense of smell to discourage them from that area. Taste deterrents equally work in the same vein. This time, they take advantage of tastes that dogs find revolting such as bitter and spicy flavors, to discourage them from chewing. However, many other dog deterrents don’t necessarily rely on their sense of taste or smell. Let’s talk about some of the most effective dog deterrent measures you can apply to stop dogs from doing a number on your lawns and garden.

Invest in a specially designed commercial dog repellent

Unlike DIY repellents that don’t offer long-lasting solutions and may be toxic to your dogs, commercial dog repellents help you deter dogs from your garden effectively. Generally, you can find three main dog repellent options, including granular, liquid, and concentrates. These repellents combine ingredients that would deter dogs through their taste, odor, and touch. However, do realize that your repellents may not start working immediately. This is because dogs are pretty smart and require time to build habits to determine that your yard is off-limits. In the same light, if strays have formed a habit of visiting your property over a while, you will require patience and consistency to deter them from returning ultimately.

Consider other dog deterrent measures.

Regardless, your best defense against dogs is by implementing two or three different dog deterrent measures. Hence, here are the other strategies you can also add to keep dogs away from your lawn.

1.Cultivate dog deterrent species

There are plants in nature that dogs do not like their taste or smell. Some include citronella, scaredy-cat plant, chili pepper, citrus trees, onion, and lavender. However, we do not recommend cultivating plants that may be toxic to your pets. Again be cautious about specific plants that may not be toxic to animals but harmful to humans. For instance, common rue repels ants, cats, and dogs but can be harmful if ingested accidentally by humans, especially children.

2.Use organic fertilizers

Dogs tend to avoid lawns with organic smells, especially plant-based options. Going organic is actually a win-win situation. Organic is safe for the environment and will keep your plants healthy and strong for a prolonged period. What’s more, the odor will be effectively unpleasant to dogs. However, choosing the best organic fertilizer will depend on your lawn and gardening goals. Avoid using formulas with fish and bone meal which may not just attract dogs but other critters.

3.Change your garden design.

The design and style of your garden can also keep dogs out of your garden because it creates apparent boundaries. Consider using raised flower beds to achieve these solid boundaries. You can also put plants in heavy raised tubs to minimize digging. Another way to minimize digging is by replacing grass with pebbles or paving.

4.Install physical barriers

You can also consider installing a fence border around your garden to discourage dogs from trampling on your plants. There are several kinds of fence borders to choose from. Chicken wire cages or deer netting may protect large spunky dogs. For smaller dogs, consider a 16-inch fence border that also does the job of keeping other critters like rabbits and deers out.

Why choose Nature’s MACE Dog repellents

Nature’s MACE offers a wide variety of dog repellent solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Our dog repellents combine scent and taste-based deterrents to effectively stop dogs from damaging your gardens, lawns, and entire property. Depending on your unique situation, you can choose from our granular, liquid, and concentrated dog repellent options.

Dog Deterrents

Nature’s MACE humane dog repellents are all-natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable. This means they are safe for you, your pets, and the environment. One application offers long-lasting protection against unwanted strays without putting you or any other animal in harm’s way. Whether dealing with your neighbor’s roaming pets, feral or stray dogs, choose Nature’s MACE and protect your property from their destructive activities.

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