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February 28, 2022 2 min read

In this guide, we talk about the dog deterrent for lawns to help you figure out the best techniques to repel dogs from your property.

Dogs can damage your lawns and cause serious damage to your property. They do so by eating from your garden, digging and uprooting plants, vegetables, and the lawn itself as well as urinating and pooping on every spot. Hence it’s important to implement dog deterrent strategies to repel dogs from your lawn. But before we talk about the best dog deterrent for lawns, let’s talk about home remedies?

Do homemade remedies work?

You may have heard about using DIY remedies such as ammonia, vinegar, and cayenne pepper in repelling dogs from your lawn. In reality, all three methods show some success, but the enormous consequences of using them outweigh their benefits. All three of them can be harmful to the dog as well as other pets in the vicinity. Ammonia and vinegar can kill off vegetation in your yard. Again, they can cause unwanted reactions and are harmful to both dogs and humans.

Yet, you might require a very frequent re-application to maintain deterrence. Hence, they are not great ways to keep dogs away from your lawn.

How to stop dogs from pooping on your lawn

There are several different dog deterrents for lawns that work. But then no one method is enough. You must combine methods to achieve the best results.

1.Install barriers

Physical barriers are some of the most effective dog repellents for lawns. You can create that physical barrier by using chicken wire, wood, or electric fencing material. It’s also possible to put up a natural barrier by using thorny hedges like barberry or holly that will discourage dogs from coming in.

2.Take advantage of the element of surprise

You can also startle a dog into leaving your lawn alone. Consider using a motion-activated sprinkler, bells, or wind chimes that release unexpected blasts of water or noise when the animals trip on their sensors. Animals don’t like surprises and will avoid such areas. However, the novelty of such devices fades quickly, and the dog might grow accustomed to it.

3.Choose dog repellent

Dog repellents are also a great way to repel dogs from your lawn. They work by mimicking odors and tastes that dogs don’t like. Yet, you may want to carefully assess the dog repellent you want to purchase to see if it’s a humane product that won’t harm the dogs or members of your family.

Dog deterrent for lawns that actually work

Nature’s MACE dog repellent comes in granular and liquid sprays that can be easily applied for instant defense against dogs. Unlike DIY repellent solutions, this dog repellent is carefully designed for the outdoors. Nature’s MACE dog repellent, therefore, repels dogs by their odor and taste using naturally-formulated active ingredients. However, Nature’s MACE is also non-toxic, biodegradable, and organic. That way, you don’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals which can harm pets and children. One application of Nature’s MACE offers up to 30-days of protection. Choose Nature’s MACE today, and gain the freedom that comes with great animal repelling success.

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