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January 19, 2023 2 min read

You may consider using a digging repellent for dogs if you find them digging around your garden, yard, or lawn. When dogs dig, they don’t purposely do so to upset you. But that digging behavior can leave unsightly holes around the garden. They may also potentially dig up plants and leave their poop in the wake.

Discovering the ideal digging repellent is both tricky and exciting. One such solution you may consider is citronella oil because dogs dislike the smell of citronella. But should you use citronella to keep your dogs away from your yard? Before we talk about using citronella, let’s talk about why dogs dig. Click for product information…

What stimulates the digging nature of dogs?

Various reasons might make your dog engage in digging. Let’s look at some of them below:

Inherent diggers – Some dog breeds have innate instincts for digging. Examples of such dogs are hunting dogs like dachshunds, terriers, and beagles.

Escape – Dogs wanting to chase wildlife, or your neighbor’s pet, might dig under your fence to escape from your premises. They might also do that out of boredom.

Fun and play – Some dogs are very playful and might engage in serious digging to catch fun. The digging process can produce smells that are interesting to them and stimulates them mentally.

Cool down –Sometimes the weather can be hot, especially during summer. Dogs might dig just to create a hollow they can lie to cool off.

Burying treasures –Dogs might engage in digging because they want to hide something like a bone or toy inside the ground.

Can citronella stop dogs from digging?

Citronella may stop dogs from digging, but it isn’t the best digging repellent for dogs. In reality, Citronella is dangerous to your furry friends.

Even though dogs don’t like citronella, if they have any contact with it, it can cause skin irritation. Citronella sprays may also find their way into the mouth when licking their paws, causing all kinds of toxicity issues. So sprinkling or soaking digging spots and surrounding plants with citronella oil puts them in danger. Avoid citronella in all forms, including citronella candles, citronella plants, sprays, and essential oils. When dogs ingest too much citronella, they may experience:

  • Digestive issues
  • Rapid respirations
  • Vomiting
  • Convulsion
  • Hyperthermia
  • Cyanosis
  • And shock

More effective digging repellent for dogs

So you should consider using other substances that can repel dogs from digging. Options like creating an enclosure for them, blocking your vulnerable garden with chicken wire, or adding a fence are much more effective. Sprinkling small rocks or heavy bricks around areas your furry friend likes to dig is also an excellent idea.

Should you use citronella as digging repellent for dogs

You can also use a non-toxic dog repellent like Nature’s Mace Dog Mace to curb that behavior and ensure that your dog and yard are entirely safe. Choose Nature’s Mace Dog Mace and enjoy a highly effective plant-based formula that keeps dogs from digging alongside other unwanted behavior. Click for product information…

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