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March 01, 2023 3 min read

If you are interested in making a homemade dog pee deterrent recipes, this guide will share all tips on making really effective dog pee deterrents. Whether you are a new dog owner or are dealing with a sick feline, it can be daunting having your furry friend marking their territory around your home with urine. Fortunately, here are some ways to stop your dog from marking its territory around your home. Click for product information…

Vinegar spray

You can mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with 20 drops of citrusy essential oil and add one and a half cups of water. Transfer to a spray bottle and apply around your home. Do realize that the mixture may be overpowering and can actually stain furniture. So you should always check a small section of your furniture before applying.

Lime spray

You can make a batch of vinegar and lime juice and apply it around your home. This mixture stops them from having their way with your home and can also help deal with the lingering odor of urine. You can use this mixture outdoors but not on your plants, as the vinegar can kill them.

Mustard oil

Mustard oil is also an excellent way to keep your feline friends out of certain areas in your home. You won’t also have to combine it with any other ingredient. Apply the oil wherever you like in your home.

Essential oils

You can combine drops of different essential oils like cinnamon, eucalyptus, and sour apple essential oils to stop your dogs from exhibiting that unwanted behavior. That said, not all essential oils are safe for use around dogs. So you should check with your vet before mixing any essential oils as a dog pee deterrent.


Ammonia can also help keep dogs out of specific places in your home. That said, the toxic fumes of ammonia can also overpower your nostrils, thereby creating an uncomfortable home for you. Hence, ammonia is ineffective at keeping dogs away.

Citrus spray

Dogs don’t like citrus scents, making them an excellent way to keep dogs from specific areas of your home. You can grab a mixture of citrus fruits, including lime, lemon and orange and cut them up. Then place the fruits around the plants in your home. You can also use the peels as a dog pee deterrent or consider using the peels in oil to make a deterrent.

When all else fails

A homemade dog pee deterrent can be easy to make. But you need a lot of tries to get your recipes right and must be careful to avoid using toxic ingredients found around the house that can hurt fido. That’s why you should consider a commercially prepared organic dog urine repellent. Nature’s Mace Dog Mace is specially formulated to help you deal with your dog’s unwanted behavior without hurting your dog in the process.

Dog pee deterrent recipes

In addition, Dog Mace can be used as part of your dog training, giving you the go-to solution to stop your dog from marking your entire home with Urine. Click for product information…

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