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April 26, 2022 3 min read

How do you keep dogs away from your garden? In this post, we will share the most effective ways to keep dogs from having their way with your garden.

As a gardener, one major task you have at hand is to protect your seedlings. Among the notorious enemies to your seedlings are dogs. Be it your own dogs or stray dogs. If given a chance, their curiosity will drive them to use their claws to dig those beautiful seedlings of yours. At this point, you might be wondering how to keep dogs away from the garden. Are you a gardener experiencing this kind of challenge? If you are, then worry no more. Here are simple steps to keep dogs away from those tender and beautiful plants of yours.

6 ways to keep dogs away from the garden

1.Put up a fence

Dogs are not good climbers or jumpers, so you can install a fence around your garden. The fence can be made from wood, mesh, or wire. If you have small dogs then a 16-inch fence would be fine to keep them away. But, if your dogs are big then, you have to go for taller fences or a fence with top-enclosure.

2.Use plants as barriers

If you don’t find normal fencing attractive, then you can use plants to form barriers around your garden. These plants should be tall and sturdy, with prickly or thorny sides to repel dogs from going over the border. Some of such plants are escallonia, cone flower, Mexican primrose, Russian sage, peony, huckleberry, black-eyed Susans, and so on.

3.Use gravel or mulch in your landscape

Gravel or mulch are things that dogs don’t like walking on them. Therefore, you can use these things to place them around the boundaries of your garden. This will help keep dogs away from the garden.

4.Install motion-activated sprinkler

Motion-activated sprinklers are machines programmed to spray water once it senses the movement of any animal. It can be installed in your garden to give out a burst of water whenever a dog comes into your garden. This will keep dogs away from the garden because naturally, dogs don’t like water sprinkled on them. However, do realize that the effectiveness of this method may wear off after some time. Again, you need to be careful about where you place them to avoid having your neighbors or the delivery man come in contact with them.

5.Create an environment-friendly for dogs

Dogs are curious and very playful. So, for your personal dogs, you can set up their special place, where they can play and rest. The space should be spacious, shady, made with sand or soil mixture, and filled with various toys. Having that kind of space to themselves would keep dogs away from the garden.

6.Keep dogs away with dog repellent sprays

You can also consider using dog repellent sprays to create a scent and taste barrier that keeps dogs out of your garden. However, it’s imperative to carefully evaluate your repellent spray. You wouldn’t want one that would harm the dog, pets, or children. Many DIY dog repellent remedies are in reality toxic to dogs. Hence, we always recommend a commercially created repellent designed to create discomfort without causing harm.

How to keep dogs away from your garden

The menace dogs pose in your beautiful garden is enormous. So you want to take steps to keep dogs away from your garden. Of the many different ways, repellents should be your front-line defense. Nature’s MACE provides a superb dog repellent spray that does the job effectively. All you need to do is sprinkle liberally around your garden – it’s a perfect formula for use on edible plants as well. Once sprayed, NAture’s MACE acts fast and immediately to repel dogs from your garden. You will especially love that this product is entirely made from 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Hence, you have the appropriate solution that is safe for your pets, kids, and the environment.

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