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December 20, 2021 3 min read

If you would love to keep dogs out of the yard, especially your furry friends, then this guide will help.

Our furry friends are highly curious which is why their curiosity can lead to the destruction of our gardens and yard. First, they might transform the yard into a litter box and go about peeing on grasses and plants, causing them to die off and leaving behind unsightly burns.

It’s even more frustrating when they start digging around, uprooting all our hardwork in the process. Beyond that there’s a chance that curiosity might lead them out of the yard and into dangerous situations. Hence, we have put together some helpful techniques to keep them out of the yard for good.

How to keep dogs out of yard


Fencing happens to be one of the major ways to keep dogs out of the yard. You can achieve these by blocking off your yard with chicken wire which is flexible and easy to cut. Do realize that this solution may not be aesthetically pleasant. If you want a fence that is more eye-catching then consider a feature fence border.

2.Consider container gardening

If you don’t want to keep your dogs out of your yard completely, you can consider planting vulnerable plants in medium to large-sized containers. That way, your dog is less likely to destroy your growing plants. If container gardening isn’t ideal for certain plants, you can also consider chicken wire or mesh laid just under the soil to prevent dogs from digging into the soil.

3.Have designated play areas

Establishing boundaries and limits is highly important to effectively keep your dogs out of the yard. That way, you can prevent mishaps or accidents effectively. These boundaries can be effectively reinforced if you have their own designated play areas, with their toys and other attractants. You should also at the same time reward your dog for following instructions and playing in that doggy space.

4.Dog repelling plants

You can also consider plants that dogs hate to keep them out of your garden and yard. Some of these plants include Citronella, Rue, Bergamot, Marigolds, Lavender, and Rosemary. Again, don’t forget that plants may have varying results with different dog species. It’s also highly important to avoid cultivating plants that might be actually harmful to their health.

5.Repellent sprays

Dog repellent sprays are also a great way to keep dogs out of the yard. There are various commercial dog repellent sprays, although some of them might contain substances that can be harmful to your dog.

Hence, you need to carefully scrutinize any dog repellent spray to ensure that it would not cause any discomfort to your dogs while keeping them out of your yard. Do also bear in mind that since you are dealing with domesticated pets, repellents alone will never keep them out. You must combine your repellents with positive alternatives to maintain a healthy relationship with your dogs while setting up solid boundaries.

Nature’s MACE dog repellent spray has been proven to be effective at keeping dogs out of your yard. It is safe to spray on outdoor furniture, garden, sheds, shrubs, vegetables, and entire property. All you have to do is re-apply after rainfall and you can gain that much-needed peace of mind that your pets and plants are entirely safe. Nature’s MACE is reliable for keeping out both domesticated and stray dogs.

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