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December 21, 2021 3 min read

Having mice around in your home, office, or premises can be very troubling. That is why this article is focused on how to effectively get rid of mice by using mice repellents.

Mice are carriers of severe diseases which can be spread through their urine, droppings or even having physical contact with them. They can also contaminate our food and water with their droppings. Beyond the diseases they spread, they can also chew and damage wires, toys, cupboards and books.

Do mice home remedies work?

Over the years, there have been many misconceptions about the use of home remedies to get rid of mice. These remedies range from using moth balls, to peppermint and lots more. However, evidence shows that many of these home remedies are not effective to keep mice out of your home. Some can also put your pets and entire household in harm’s way. So you might wonder – what mice repellents actually work against mice invasion.

Effective mice repellents to keep mice off your home and property

1. Eliminate clutter in your home

Mice thrive in cluttered spaces as they provide more nesting and hiding spots. This is why you need to invest in organization ideas to create a neat and tidy space that is uncomfortable for mice.

2. Get rid of attractants

The major thing that attracts mice to your house is food. Mice have a strong sense of smell and can perceive food from a long distance. However, they actually don’t need much food to survive, so those little crumbs and food leftovers can be just enough for them. Therefore, you have to ensure that there are no exposed food leftovers or food crumbs on the counter, dining table, or on the floor. Food should be well kept in a closed cupboard or the fridge at all times. If you have a pantry, invest in organization tips to keep food tucked away.

3. Repair and seal off areas

Mice are professional climbers and squeeze themselves to pass through tiny spaces. Therefore, you have to check for holes on your roof, under your doors and windows, and any other entrance point through which mice can use in gaining access into your house or premises. Once found, ensure to repair and seal those areas. Consider using construction-grade materials such as steel mesh, water-resistant plaster and caulk, steel wool, and other materials that mice cannot chew through.

4. Use humane trapping

If you are dealing with a severe infestation, you can also consider humane traps over poison bait. These are less hazardous to your pets or children. Nevertheless, if the infestation is too high, then professional pest control may help handle the task faster for you.

5. Use a commercial-grade mice repellent spray

After repairing and sealing potential mice entrance points and removing everything that could attract mice, the next thing to do is to apply a commercial-grade mice repellent spray. Nevertheless, the unique advantage of repellent sprays is that you can also use them to prevent an infestation or minimize the chances of an increased infestation. What you must guard against is using mice repellents that would put your family in harm’s way.

How to effectively get rid of mice using mice repellents

Nature’s MACE develops some of the best animal repellents sprays proven to deter pests and animals from your home. Our Nature’s MACE Rodent repellent combines scent and taste deterrent to keep mice and rats away. You will especially love that this repellent is great for use across your property including the attic, lawn, garden, planters, crawlspaces, and lots more. With Nature’s MACE Rodent repellent, you have a solid defense against mice without harming your pets and family.

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