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December 22, 2021 4 min read

Choosing the best snake repellent for your home, garden, and yard is tricky. Here in this article, we will share what you must consider when trying to prevent and repel snakes from your property alongside important tips to maximize success.

Snakes are a common occurrence in most parts of the U.S. So, there’s a high possibility of coming across one. However, not everyone wants to find snakes around their home because of the dangers they pose. Some snakes such as rattlesnakes and cobras are dangerous and venomous. Others such as king snakes, racers, garter snakes, and rat snakes, might seem harmless in comparison but you want to keep all of them out and away.

No snake repellent alone can get rid of snakes

There is really no absolute best repellent to keep snakes out of your property. While you should be careful when choosing the best snake repellent, you also one to get rid of attractants that may impede that repellent’s capability. For instance, like other predators, snakes spend most of their lives looking for a meal or nesting spot. So, you want to ensure that your property does not provide food or a sheltered resting Here’s what you should do to limit attractants:

  • Avoid providing food sources for snake preys such as rodents by picking up fallen fruit and tightly securing your trash cans
  • Avoid over watering your lawn which can also attract snake prey
  • Keep your lawn carefully maintained and get rid of tall grasses
  • Use less mulch around your property as mulch can attract snakes and their prey
  • Don’t pile rocks or debris on your landscape as they provide nesting spots for snakes
  • Seal all cracks in your foundation, concrete porches, crawl spaces, basement, attic, and walkways.
  • Avoid having natural or man-made ponds as snakes also tend to enjoy them. Even a leaky garden hose or faucet can attract them.
  • Consider installing a mesh fence to keep snakes out of your home.
  • Ensure there’s no standing water near your home or a reliable heat source.
  • Avoid keeping uncovered plastic bins or containers around your home.

Features to look for in the best snake repellent

Generally, there are many kinds of snake repellents out there ranging from sonic devices to snake repelling plants, and lots more. However, some products stand out and will ensure to keep snakes off your property.


You want to make sure your snake repellent has rigorous scientific research and proven tests behind it. The best choice would be a scent-based snake repellent as snakes move using their nostrils. So, when you use an odor or scent-based repellent, it confuses, irritates, and creates an uncomfortable environment for them. Look for a product that contains a high concentration of those unique scents and can last longer.


Every effective repellent would require re-application. But you want that application to last as much as possible. The best snake repellent would offer up to a 1-month of protection. But don’t forget that heavy rains will make that repellent wash away faster.

3.Outdoor or indoor

Do realize that some snake repellent products are best for small spaces or indoor use, while others can cover large outdoor areas. So you must read the fine print or label on your snake repellent to ensure it’s the best choice that meets your needs.

4.Method of use

The best snake repellents come in sprays or granules which require different modes of application. Liquid-based snake repellent sprays may be per-mixed. So you only have to shake well and start applying across your property. In contrast, granules come in the form of pellets and are better suited for creating a kind of ‘physical barrier’ in the most vulnerable areas.

5.Humane solution

It’s highly important to consider the possible dangers of using that snake repellent around your property. You want to avoid using inhumane traps and poisons that might be accidentally ingested by pets and children. It’s also important that your repellent does not cause harm to the environment.

Nevertheless, you must also realize that no matter the snake repellent you use, the first application might make any snakes that have already established their presence on your property agitated and aggressive. So you want to avoid encountering any of them when applying the repellent.

Nature’s MACE powerful snake repellent formula is made from natural and non-toxic ingredients and therefore the best humane snake repellent for you. With Nature’s MACE snake MACE, you can keep your pets and children from danger while effectively keeping snakes out of your property. Nature’s MACE snake repellent offers up to a 1-month of protection and is also safe for use around plants and comes with a strong but pleasant smell. It is an effective outdoor perimeter treatment for your barns, garages, sheds, vehicles, and home.

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