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December 23, 2021 2 min read

Whether you want to keep strays or your own pets, this guide will share with you effective ways to keep cats away from your yard.

Having cats dig up your garden or transform your yard into their litter box is an awful sight. Whether it’s your own pets, those of your neighbors, a stray or feral cat, they can all cause a great nuisance to your yard.

Cats can transform your garden into a litter box, pooping on everything and tramping on your precious plants. Cats are also known for marking their territory with urine which can kill some plants leading to unsightly brown spots around your yard.

Stray cats can also bring in fleas into the vicinity. If you also feed birds, cats can actually kill them, making cats a serious cause for concern.

1.Cat-proof fencing

You can also install a fence to contain your pets within areas or keep strays out. However, cat-proof fencing can be relatively expensive but with the right budget can be very effective. Alternatively, you can consider installing roll bars or paddles on top of existing fences.

2.Make your landscape uncomfortable

You can consider making your landscape uncomfortable by bringing in rough surfaced rocks. This will deter cats from digging around. A good alternative is a cat scat mat which has plastic spikes that will also discourage digging.

3.Add cat repellent plants

Cats can stay away from your flowers and herbs if you cultivate certain species. Some good examples include lemon thyme, penny royal, lavender, rue, and rosemary. These plants are also non-toxic for children making them a great addition.

4.Consider building an alternative litter box

You can also consider building an alternative litter box at the far end of your yard so that your cats have their own spot. Inexpensive options include using a large storage bin, regular sandbox, or a large pile of peat moss that’s approximately 4 feet squire and 8 inches deep. To make your cats use this place, you can transfer some of their poop there. Don’t forget to replace the peat moss, sand, or litter regularly to reduce odor.

5.Scent-based repellents

Scent-based repellents may take the form of sprays or pellets. These repellents work by emitting a scent that cats don’t like. To increase effectiveness, ensure to spray or place around the edges of the areas you would like to protect the most, especially their favorite digging spots. Nevertheless, you want to ensure that you choose the best solution that will not harm the cats.

Nature’s MACE Cat MACE is a superb all-natural, non-toxic formula proven to deter cats from any location. You can use Nature’s MACE Cat MACE on your furniture, around your home, garden, shed, garage, and lots more. You will also love that Nature’s MACE Cat MACE is gentle and natural enough not to hurt your feline friends or the plants in your yard. With Nature’s MACE Cat MACE you can keep cats away from your yard for good.

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