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January 12, 2022 3 min read

Have you ever thought about keeping cats off counters in your home? This guide will discuss the possible dangers and the right way to get your pets off your counters.

Most counters at home are mostly used to keep sensitive items. We often keep things like food, knives, electrical appliances, stove, pots, and many others that can be found on counters.

Having cats at home can be of great concern because they naturally love climbing high platforms such as counters.

Some owners even assume that this is a normal habit when it’s not. When cats have their way around your kitchen counters, there is a great risk of contaminating your food. Beyond that, the kittens may accidentally step on a hot stone or even inhale chemical residue from cleaning products that are not good for them.

5 ways of keeping cats off counters

1) Remove food from their sight

One of the major things that make cats climb counters is the possibility of finding food there. Cats like the fragrance of food, be it their food prepared on top of the counter or the food leftovers of their owner. Therefore, you must ensure that foods are not left uncovered. It’s also important to avoid leaving dirty dishes on the sink, or even using pans on the stove when you are not around your counter.

In the same light, you should establish a counter-strategy by giving your cats their food regularly. Also, consider using puzzle feeders and various feeding locations around your house. Besides, your food should be stored in cupboards and the fridge.

2) Provide sufficient climbing alternatives

Another great way of keeping cats off the counter is by providing them with other alternatives. Trying to design your house to suit your cat could be a bit expensive. But then you can provide high vertical areas so that cats can climb, places they can scratch, and also areas to rest. You can also design high areas inside your house where cats can rest, build an enclosed area for them, a window-mounted bed or window shelf is also cool for cats, and so on.

3) Provide a cat water fountain

Cats love drinking fresh running water, so the bathroom and kitchen counters are among their favorite hangouts. You can provide a water fountain on the floor and cats would also be happy you did, because it gives them similar feelings.

4) Make your counter uncomfortable

You can cover your counter with carpet runners or mats that have spikes faced up. Cats would avoid that area because they don’t like walking on prickly surfaces. Alternatively, Cats dislike moving on surfaces that have glue on them. So, use double-sided tape on your counters.

5) Use cat repellent sprays

One of the most amazing ways of keeping cats off counters is by using cat repellent sprays on your counter surfaces. The right cat repellent spray will not harm your cats in any way. They are quite good at helping you train your cat to avoid climbing counters in the future.

Are you ready to use a cat repellent spray that will not harm your furry family in any way? Nature’s MACE provides a unique selection of cat repellent sprays that have been tested and proven to help deter cats from certain behaviors. With Nature MACE, you can keep your cats off your counters for good. When combined with positive alternatives, Nature MACE helps you to build a valuable relationship with your cats while maintaining a healthy environment.

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