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November 23, 2021 3 min read

Keep cats off furniture spray for the best results. If you are interested in purchasing a keep cats off furniture spray to get rid of that annoying problem, there’s a lot more information you must know about effectively using these sprays for the best results.

It is lovely to have cats around your house. Usually, they would want to walk around your house, and even walk and play with your treasured furniture. Unfortunately, this equally means that your prized belongings may soon be covered with cat hair, scratches, and claw marks.

This is why you may consider using a keep cats off furniture spray or repellent to repel them from your furniture. However, sprays alone will not provide the ultimate solution. You need to combine other deterrent strategies to effectively train them off the habit of using your furniture as an area for scratching.

Never punish your cat.

It’s important to realize that scratching or clawing is a natural activity for cats. Therefore, punishing your cat for scratching your furniture is a horrible solution. Punishing your cat by yelling at them, spraying them water, or other forms of punishment will only stress your cat out and make them fear and hate you. It is much better to use positive reinforcement and other indirect tactics to help them get over the idea of scratching or destroying your furniture.

3 best techniques to keep cats off furniture

Make furniture less appealing.

Several things attract cats to furniture. A cat might climb your couch because it’s been attracted to something outside the window or climb your kitchen cabinet in search of food.

So to make your furniture less appealing, get rid of those things that attract cats when they climb furniture. Here are some of these measures:

  • Get rid of excess material such as pillows on your couch, or any other thing that will aid the cat to climb the furniture.
  • Keep windows closed if your furniture is close to them, so that cats don’t spot something outside that they like and try to climb the furniture or try to have a sunbath.
  • Kitchen cabinets should be void of debris or other food items that might attract cats.
  • Consider lining furniture with tinfoil. Cats don’t like slippery surfaces and will generally avoid them. This technique tends to work on smaller pieces of furniture.
  • You can also use double-sided sticky tapes in stripes or criss-cross patterns on non-fabric surfaces such as your kitchen counters, mantels, or coffee tables. Don’t use sticky tapes on leather furniture as they leave behind an unsightly residue.

Provide diversion

Another way to keep cats off your furniture is to provide them with an alternative space and playing materials. One of the best ways to do that is to provide cats with scratching posts and space or room to play. Cats would always want to trim their nails by scratching them, so providing a scratching post for them would divert them from using your furniture for that purpose.

Cats also love playing. So to avoid them playing on your furniture, it is good you provide a space or room for them, load it with toys and stuff they can play with.

Use a cat repellent spray

As said earlier, you should also invest in a cat repellent spray to keep them off for good. Repellent sprays are ideal for fabric and leather surfaces. However, you want to be careful about keeping cats off the furniture spray that you choose. Always invest in sprays that will not harm the cats but simply repel them.

Nature’s MACE offers the perfect solution to your needs. Our cat repellent spray is ideal for use on all kinds of furniture. They are made from 100% all-natural and non-toxic ingredients and will not put your pets in harm’s way. Our cat repellent sprays are also biodegradable, so you can rest easy that you are protecting your treasured furnishings without harming the environment.

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