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November 18, 2021 3 min read

How to keep cats out of my yard? Have you ever asked the question – how do I keep cats out of my yard? If yes, this article will walk you through the most effective ways to deal with the situation for good.

Having these neighborhoods kitties dig up your yard and garden is an unwelcome sight. For one thing, these cats will drop poop everywhere, transforming your carefully maintained space into a litter box. Their poop may also contain parasites and pathogens you don’t want in the food you grow. Roaming domestic cats and stray cats can even kill birds, which your yard and garden may be attracting. However, some cats have jumbling and climbing abilities which make them difficult to keep out of your outdoor area.

Fortunately, there are some deterrent techniques you can use to make your yard and garden less inviting to these unwanted feral visitors.

  • Use your landscape

There are several ways to make your landscape less attractive to cats. Cats prefer to walk on soft and loose soil and will avoid most prickly surfaces. So you can create prickly spaces within your yard to make it difficult for them. Here are some examples to try:

  • Consider laying pieces of plastic fencing and chicken wire over the soil. This allows your plants to grow while preventing cats from having their way around.
  • You can also use barriers such as mulch across the planting bed before you plant. Mulch materials to try include eggshells, holly cuttings, sharp-edged pine cones, and stone mulch.
  • You can also cover your garden soil in twigs as well to provide ample opportunity for your plants to establish themselves.
  • Ensure to board up all holes that offer access to garages, under the decks, porches, and sheds where cats may decide to take refuge
  • If you feed beds, consider using a feeder baffle so you can keep the birds safe.
  • Wash up to keep them from coming back

Consider washing the area where your visitors like to visit in your yard to remove their scent or urine thereby making the spot unfamiliar. Cats love to choose the same spot repeatedly and would visit their previously claimed site consistently which can make it harder for other deterrents to work.

  • Install physical barriers

Consider creating a barrier around your property such as chicken wire, wire-mesh fencing. Experts suggest making your fencing at least 1.8meters high with 5.1 by 5.1-centimeter squares. You can also consider installing an electric wire fence as well.

  • Invest in a cat repellent

Cats have a highly sensitive sense of smell which is why commercial cat repellents are highly suitable for making them uncomfortable. However, you want to ensure that the cat repellent you choose will be just as effective without harming the cats and your environment. But then you might ask again – what is the best way to keep cats out of my yard?

Nature’s MACE Cat MACE is an incredible cat repellent made from all-natural non-toxic ingredients to provide the best odor and taste defense against cats. Our cat repellents are available in both liquid (ready-to-use) and granular forms to make your property unattractive to these unwanted visitors. With Nature MACE you can create the perfect humane barrier to gain that much-needed peace of mind and protect your yard from these invaders.

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