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December 27, 2021 3 min read

If you have a cat problem, then you might wonder about the best way to keep stray cats out of the yard. This guide will share with you every crucial information to keep these feral cats away.

While we might consider having cats at home as pets, no one wants to have strays take over their garden, planters, sandbox, and lawn. Stray cats don’t just kill thousands of birds every year; they can transform our yards and lawns into open litter boxes. These feral kittens can also transform our garden sheds into breeding grounds for litters of kittens. Fences, trees, and other tree structures become territorial markers for male cats.

Besides the destruction they can bring to our gardens and yards, there’s also the danger of transmitting diseases like fleas to your pets. These wandering strays can also bite and scratch small children in the vicinity. This is why it is crucial to implement cat deterrent measures to keep these stray cats out of your yard.

No one fool-proof method to keep stray cats out of your yard

Like many other aggressive critters, cats are smart. So your best defense against them is a multi-pronged strategy consisting of different processes. When you combine different cat deterrent strategies, their drawbacks will cancel out. Remember that feral stray cats and other unwanted critters can exploit any weaknesses in your defense against them. So, your protective barrier should be thorough. Regardless of the many cat deterrent methods, you might find, here are the best ways to keep stray cats out of your yard.

Get rid of attractants

Your first line of defense against stray cats is by creating an unappealing environment for them. Feral cats love to visit areas where they can find abundant food and shelter. To get rid of possible food sources and shelters, here are steps to take:

  • Feed your pets indoors and tightly secure all trash cans and trash bags
  • Get rid of meats from the compost pile.
  • Keep barbecue pits and grills clean.
  • Seal off all holes in the garage, old sheds, under decks, and porches to avoid providing nesting spots.
  • Get rid of simple shelters like window wells or woodpiles.
  • Add eggshell shards, sharp pebbles, or chicken wire to the ground to avoid creating relaxation spots.
  • If you feed birds, avoid ground feeding. Instead, choose safe birdhouses so you can offer safe cover for birds to take shelter.
  • Consider cultivating plants with sharp foliage and strong odors or stinging plants, thorny bushes.


Fences are an excellent way to keep out most critters, but for stray cats, you need to go the extra mile. Consider adding rolling bars or spikes at the top of your fence to prevent these cats from climbing over and into your yard. You can also consider a chicken-wire barrier over the most vulnerable parts of your yard, such as your vegetable garden or feeding area for other pets to keep cats at bay.

Invest in a cat repellent

Cats have an excellent sense of taste and smell. So, you need to create an unpleasant environment for these stray cats by investing in commercial repellents. Fortunately, Nature MACE offers a non-toxic cat repellent solution to help discourage these stray cats from having their way with your garden. All you need to do is sprinkle on gardens, flower beds, sheds, and entire lawn to repel stray cats effectively. Nature MACE’s all-natural formulation combines the power of scents and odors specifically tailored to deter stray cats. This excellent cat repellent is also long-lasting and will keep your lawn protected regardless of the weather or season.

Final thoughts

Now that you know all about the best way to keep stray cats out of your yard, it’s vital to act as fast as possible. Having a single stray cat may not seem as much of a problem, but one cat might attract a few more. Before long, the situation blows out of control, and you are dealing with an entire cat population. Therefore, you must act fast to prevent those persistent, pesky cats from taking over your yard.

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