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June 06, 2022 2 min read

The best natural way to get rid of snakes is a combination of scents, eliminating attractants, and using physical deterrents. Snakes might be a fascinating animal to study, but encountering them in and around your home is often uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are natural and effective measures you can use to keep snakes away. This guide will discuss keeping snakes away using natural and proven methods.

1. Eliminating attractants

Creating an unfavorable and unappealing landscape is the first step to keeping snakes out of your property. Hence, you should apply the following tips to improve your landscape:

  • Mow your lawn frequently to keep your grass short as snakes tend to travel through tall grass
  • Stop overwatering your lawn to avoid excessive moisture, which can attract what snakes love eating, such as insects, birds, rodents, and amphibians.
  • Use mulch sparingly as it can attract snakes and their prey.
  • Keep your firewood storage far from your home to avoid providing hiding spots.
  • Avoid piling up rocks or debris in your landscape, as they also provide hiding spots.
  • Deal with rodent infestation as early as possible to stop snakes from entering your property.

2. Physical deterrents

Physical deterrents are also a great natural way to get rid of snakes. These deterrents include sealing off cracks and eliminating birdhouses from your property. You can also up your physical deterrent by installing a fence, that has a rigid mesh over two feet tall and buried between 2 and 4 inches beneath the soil’s surface. If you don’t want to add a rigid mesh, you can also attach aluminum flashing to the bottom of the outside part of your fencing. Another measure you could add is predators such as Chickens, turkeys, and pigs which are known to kill and eat snakes.

3. Use snake repelling plants

Snakes dislike the smell of some plants which can be a great way to keep snakes out of your home. Such plants include lemongrass, marigold, cinnamon, clove, lime, and garlic. It’s equally amazing that most plants known to repel snakes can also repel insects.

Bonus: Improve deterrence with a scent-based repellent

As just stated, snakes use their sense of smell to find food and move from one safe location to the next. You can use their sense of smell to your advantage by investing in commercial scent-based snake repellents that can help you get rid of snakes quickly. These repellents often come in granules or sprays and can be used at strategic locations around your property.

Granular snake repellents come in form of granules or pellets and can be placed at different parts of your property. Liquid snake repellents, in contrast, are sprayed over large areas.

Nature’s Mace snake repellent is the best natural way to get rid of snakes. It is a powerful, fast-acting formula made from plant-based ingredients. It is also safe for use around kids and pets and will not poison your plants.

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