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June 03, 2022 3 min read

How to use scents to deter cats from the yard. If you want to deter cats from your yard, then, you must realize that some deterrents are more powerful than others. Having cats taking over your yard is an awful experience. These carnivores will poop and urinate everywhere, thereby increasing the chances of picking up some diseases from the parasites and pathogens in their poop. Roaming domestic cats also kill birds. Studies show the number reaches 140 million birds and small animals each year.

Why are scent-based cat deterrents powerful?

Cats have a keen sense of smell that allows them to detect unpleasant smells alongside the smell of a predator. You can exploit this distinctive attribute to keep cats away by making it seem like your yard isn’t appealing. Scent-based cat deterrents give off an unpleasant smell that cats don’t like and would stay away from. Hence you can effectively use them to deter cats from your yard.

What scents do cats dislike the most?

  • Cats dislike the smell of lavender, pennyroyal, rue, lemon thyme, and coleus canina. So, you can plant a few of these plants around your garden.
  • Cats would also stay away from strong citrus scents. However, throwing citrus peels around your yard may attract other critters such as rodents.
  • Citronella is also a great scent that cats tend to stay away from. This is a great choice as it can also help you keep bugs out at the same time.
  • The scent of the urine or feces predator is equally an excellent way to keep cats out of your yard. Hence, they are also a great way to keep cats out of your property.

Avoid scents that would cause undue harm

Other scents can keep cats out of your property. The downside of these scents is that they would often place them in harm’s way. Great examples are cayenne pepper and coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are dangerous for cats, while cayenne pepper can be used in minute quantities (especially when applied as a commercial repellent). Mothballs are equally toxic to cats, as well as humans and plants. So, you should avoid using them to deter cats.

Invest in a scent-based cat repellent spray

Scent-based cat repellents help you deter cats from your yard effectively. They are convenient to use, and the right ones will be safe and non-toxic. However, not all cats will respond to the spray right away. It’s important to let time go by after initially applying the spray. The cat may continue to return for some time. But soon enough, they will sense the odor and stay away from your yard.

How to use scents to deter cats from the yard

Nature’s Mace Cat repellent is an amazing cat repellent, thanks to its list of natural ingredients and high efficacy at keeping cats away. It’s also a great budget-friendly solution and can be used both indoors and outdoors to deter cats. Nature’s Mace is also non-toxic to your surroundings and can withstand rain and direct sunlight. Available in both liquid and granule forms, Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is a smart solution to your feline troubles.

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