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May 09, 2022 3 min read

There is no one best cat repellent for gardens. Cats are highly smart and would avoid most deterrent measures if you weren’t creative about how you install them. This is why you have to combine cat repellent strategies to achieve the best results. That said, some cat repellents for gardens are harmful and should be avoided. Others won’t even offer decent results. We have put together the best cat repellent for gardens you can combine to effectively keep cats out of your garden.

1.Create obstacles

Obstacles are one of the best ways to keep cats out of your garden. When cats don’t have room to dig, scratch, or even move around, they will avoid your garden. Consider installing plant spikes, forks, chopsticks, or other equivalent materials at every 8 inches of soil to repel cats. You need to ensure the materials are inserted to a depth of about 2 inches into the soil so they will remain upright. However, they shouldn’t be sharp enough to cause any damage to your feline friends.

2.Lay chicken wire or bird netting

Chicken wire or bird netting is also a great way to keep cats out of your flower and vegetable beds. All you need to do is lay chicken wire or bird netting an inch under the surface of the soil. This should be deep enough so it isn’t visible but close to the surface in a matter that cats would avoid walking over it. These deterrent materials will still allow your plants to grow through. For large shrubs or trees, you can also cut holes of the correct size to allow them to grow through.

3.Cultivate cat-repelling plants

Plants don’t like certain plants, especially plants with pungent aromas that humans love. There are also plants with prickly foliage that cats would avoid. Some examples of these cat repelling plants include lemon thyme, geranium, rue, lavender, thorny roses, scaredy-cat plant, and absinthe.

4.Wash away cat scents

Cats often mark their favorite spots with their scents or urine. This will stop even the best cat repellent for gardens from working as it often sends confusing signals. Hence, you need to wash away its scent to discourage them from claiming your garden once more. Do realize that some aggressive felines might return to re-mark the area. So you might need to wash them several times before they get the message.

5.Commercial cat repellents

Commercial cat repellents are designed to repel cats by combining scents they don’t like. Often these repellents contain predator urine alongside other pungent aromas to deter cats. You should however follow instructions carefully to maximize results.

What is the best cat repellent for gardens

Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is a specially formulated cat repellent product that deters cats from using natural ingredients. You’ll love that Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is convenient, affordable, and biodegradable. It is also safe to use around pets, children, and wildlife. Nature’s Mace is also available in granules, sprays, and concentrates which can be used together to build a solid barrier against cats. With Nature’s Mace Cat Mace, you can effectively protect your garden and enjoy the fruit of your hard work in peace.

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