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October 21, 2018 2 min read

5 ways you can discourage your cat from spraying

Urinating and spraying can sometimes be confusing for cat owners. Although both behaviors are different from each other, they can be misleading at times. Urine spraying is often a common behavior in a cat that is exhibited by both male and female cats. Often times, it is a non-neutered male that exhibits the behavior more than the female cats. Spraying on furniture and surfaces is a territorial behavior that cats exhibit to mark their territory. Although it is a common behavior, it can be prevented by you.

It is important not to consume spraying with urinating outside the litter box. Should the latter occur, quickly get in touch with your vet as your cat might be suffering from a urinary tract infection that needs immediate attention.

You can control spraying in the following way;

  • Your cat should be neutered when she is 6 months old. Doing this will ensure the behavior is prevented even before it begins
  • Limit her outside view. The natural instinct of your cat whenever she sees another cat is to mark her territory. Keep her view of the outdoor limited, so she doesn’t spot another cat outside.
  • For situations where you have more than one cat, Create a positive relationship between the cats. Cats that have a cordial relationship will have less tendency to spray. Ensure both cats play together and give both equal attention. They should both eat and sleep together as much as possible.
  • Keep the same routine as much as possible to reduce stress in your cats. Abrupt changes can lead to anxiety for your cats. A typical example is a new cat in a new environment or even meeting new people. Have the same feeding routine for your cat and keep their litter box in the same position. Try as much as possible to keep guests that they are not familiar with away from them.
  • Use Cat MACE repellent spray to prevent your cats from spraying in specific areas such as surfaces, and furniture.

5 ways you can discourage your cat from spraying

Spraying is not a pleasant thing to experience in the house, but you can play a role in ensuring you limit it in your cat. You can also clean up affected areas to prevent any remarking from future occurrence.