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March 10, 2022 3 min read

If you ask the question – how do I keep cats out of my garden? So this guide is for you. Here we talk about the many different strategies for repelling cats from your garden.

Repelling cats from your garden requires a combination of different cat deterrents. Usually, cats are challenging to repel as they would aggressively try to gain back control of your garden. This is especially so if you are dealing with stray cats. Try these solutions to keep cats out of your previous vegetable garden and away from your cultivated food.

1.Use scents they don’t like

Cats dislike the scents of pennyroyal, lavender, rue, lemon thyme, and Coleus Caninia. So you can add these plants to your garden, especially around the perimeters to repel cats.

2.Wash after they mark territories

When trying to repel cats from your garden, cats may repeatedly return to attempt marking your garden again with their urine. You must combat this by washing the area with water. In truth, without washing off their urine, your other cat deterrents may not work. You can also boost results by using eco-friendly liquid castile soap when washing structures such as your patio furniture and doors.

3.Erect a fence

Consider installing a freestanding fence of about 6 inches. You can do this with wire mesh or any other material you like. It’s also possible to add fencing extensions such as coyote rollers to the top of your existing fence to prevent cats from jumping over.

4.Use motion-activated sprinklers

You can consider using a motion-activated sprinkler to keep cats away. The device releases a short burst of water at the cat that scares them off. Just ensure that it’s in line with the water rules in your area. You also want to install these devices strategically to avoid spraying your neighbors and the delivery man accidentally.

5. Install digging barriers

Cats love to dig, which is why you should add physical barriers like chicken wire to the top of your soil or mulch across planting beds. You can also use sharp-edged pine cones, eggshells, stone mulch, or holly cuttings as well. Cat scat mats are also excellent digging barriers and they are humane too.

6.Create an effective odor barrier

While you can always cultivate certain plants around your property that give off scents cats don’t like, you should go the extra mile to use specially formulated cat repellents to reinforce that odor barrier. Odor repellents remain one of the best ways to make cats so uncomfortable that they won’t come into your property. However, you want to choose repellents that are non-toxic to cats, or your environment. Nothing good comes from using harmful chemicals that would kill cats or disrupt your garden’s natural ecosystem.

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Nature’s MACE cat repellent is a commercial cat repellent that copies the smell of substances that cats don’t like. But contrary to many cat repellent out there, this repellent is made from natural ingredients and won’t harm plants. You will especially love how easy it is to use this deterrent effectively. All you need do is spray (or sprinkle) around your garden and instantly start enjoying a superb barrier against cats. Choose Nature’s MACE’s humane solution and discourage those unwanted feline invaders from taking over your garden.

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