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February 23, 2023 2 min read

Are you concerned about the best way to keep a cat from jumping over the fence?

Cats are excellent at jumping and climbing. This can make it challenging to keep your feline family from jumping over the fence or to discourage stray cats from entering your property. Cats have the natural skill to jump over or climb over tall structures. Let’s look at some easy methods to stop cats from jumping over the fence. Click for more product information…

Install a high fence

The higher your fence, the more likely your cat will be discouraged from climbing and jumping over the fence. Cats are good at jumping as high as 5 feet. So your fence should be that height or even more. That said, the height of your fence isn’t enough to keep them out. In a few days, your cat would likely overcome that barrier. Hence, you need to pair this method with other ways of stopping cats from climbing.

Add a cat-proof fence topper

A fence topper is a device that acts as an extension of your existing fence. So, it sits at the top of the fence and would help stop cats from entering or escaping. Fence toppers act by moving when a cat attempts to perch on them. So, with the need for balance, you can effectively stop your feline friends or stray cats from jumping over your fence.

Anti-cat spikes

There are instances where fence toppers don’t work. This is most likely because the cat does not need sufficient balance to climb over the barrier. In this situation, consider using cat spikes and placing them at the top of your fence. The spikes from this product will repel cats by being prickly to the feline paw. That said, cat spikes are regularly blunt. So you won’t be hurting your kitty in the process. Still, you should never forget that you can only use a cat spike when dealing with taller fences where the cat won’t jump without gaining balance first.

Cat repellent

Cat repellent works by combining scent and taste deterrents to keep cats from jumping over fences. To reinforce your fence with cat repellent, soak rags with your favorite spray and mount them at the top of your fence. This should be enough to discourage squirrels further.

Cat containment fence

Interestingly, you won’t be able to train cats to stop trying to jump over the fence. But you can help contain them by installing a cat containment fence or an enclosure where your cat can play to its heart’s content without trespassing into your garden or other parts of your yard.

5 easy ways to keep a cat from jumping over the fence

Exploring the many ways to keep a cat from jumping over the fence is highly important. Combining methods would, of course, yield the best results. That said, Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is your first line of defense when trying to stop your felines from climbing over the fence. As a non-toxic spray, Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is fantastic and will not harm cats. Click for more product information…

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