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September 15, 2021 3 min read

Do bed bugs jump? Bed bugs love to hitchhike into people’s sheets, clothing, luggage, and personal space. So it’s okay to wonder if they can fly and how they get into our homes in the first place.

Bed bugs are bloodthirsty insects that can be problematic to eliminate once we find them in our homes. But even as they feed on humans, bed bugs cannot spread diseases to them. Instead, their bites are super itchy and can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Stop Bed Bugs Infestation

Therefore, getting rid of bed bugs in your home would be the ultimate solution. So, when you find that bug in your home, you might wonder about one of the ways to identify if you have a bed bug infestation. One such question that might race through your mind is – do bed bugs jump?

Identifying bed bugs by their movement

Thankfully, Bed bugs do not jump. They do not have powerful hind legs for jumping longer distances. Such jumping motion is a unique way to identify fleas. Bed Bugs are actually crawling insects which is good news as you can set up those bed bug traps at the edge of your bed without worrying about the bugs going over them.

Bed bugs do crawl rapidly, but not as fast as many other bugs. They don’t actually need to move quickly because they preferably prey on humans when they are unconscious. When asleep, humans emit higher CO2 levels, which triggers these bugs that it is time to feast.

Their mode of finding humans also indicates that they do not know just how to move around. Their strong crawling legs also serve as good attachment elements. So they can hold on to our shirts, bags, luggage, and much more. This is why many people feel that bed bugs move fast even as they don’t.

However, do also realize that bed bugs can climb walls. This can also be their mode of going around bug traps, which is why you shouldn’t use those traps alone to get rid of them. In reality, you stand a better chance of using repellents as your primary option. Even so, bed bugs cannot really climb smooth surfaces, but once they find a wall with a bit of unevenness, they will be climbing in no time.

Other ways to identify bed bugs

When bed bugs get inside a home, they quickly move onto good hiding places closest to their food source. This is why we will often find most of the infestation in our bedrooms, especially within the mattress seams, headboards, bed frames, and lots more. You can also find them among cracks and crevices in walls and even electronics. Naturally, you might consider changing your bed position to keep them from getting to you. This is a terrible idea as bed bugs can quickly relocate by following the emissions of CO2. The downside is that this might also spread the infestation around as well.

Do bed bugs jump?

Concluding Thoughts

Do bed bugs jump? No, they don’t jump or fly. Fortunately, this might help with getting rid of the infestation. Regardless, when you realize you have bed bugs, it’s crucial to get rid of them as fast as possible. But you shouldn’t change your sleeping position to prevent the risks of spreading the infestation further into your home. The best thing is to remain in your bed and start the extermination process.


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