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February 09, 2018 3 min read

Do Bed Bugs Jump?

How do bed bugs move? Since they have no wings, how do they get to travel incredible distances? Most importantly, can they jump?

These questions – and many more like them – have for long been bogging the mind of many. If you have found yourself trying to find answers these questions, this post is here to help.

In short, bed bugs lack the ability to jump, neither are they capable of hopping. Their body aren’t just equipped to jump. The have short set of legs that lacks the needed spring for a jump. Even worse, the flat nature of their entire body makes it impossible for them to jump. So, the next time you sight a small insect lifting off ground with a hop, chances are you just saw a flea at action.

Since they don’t jump nor fly, how then do they move? Let’s find out

How Bed Bugs Move

Without wings to fly and springy legs to leap great distances, bed bugs basically have one choice of movement: crawling. Nothing more to that. They crawl at a moderate pace – not like roaches that can literally “run” when they sense danger. Due to their flattened body structure, they can crawl through extremely thin openings. If a pin can fit through that crevice, so also can a bug, whether an adult or baby bug.

One thing they really excel at is climbing. Their climbing skill is good enough to help them scale up curtains and walls. That’s how they find their way to picture frames and the top of wardrobes. However, their climbing skill isn’t as good as that of the ant. Unlike an ant that can literally climb anything – hair, fur, slippery surfaces – bed bugs can’t. Their legs lack the clutching power to stick to slippery surfaces. This is why, unlike ticks, they hardly attack the scalp of humans.

How they find food source

Human blood is always their first choice of food. They will rather lie low and wait for a human to come by than going hunting. Some people find it mysterious how bed bugs sense the presence of humans. Well, there isn’t much mystery to that. They track they carbon dioxide we exhale with their sensitive nose. More also, the heat our body gives off also serves as an attractant. So, the instance you lie on a bed or couch infested with bugs, a hungry bug will always come around.

Where do they live?

It’s rare to see a bug crawling along during the day. Unlike ants which are always on the move looking for their next meal, bugs prefer to lie and wait. Their favorite hiding spots include wooden furniture, mattress, picture frames, and even electrical appliances. To keep your bed safe from bed bug infestation, get some bed bug traps and attach them to the feet of the bed. That way, any trespassing bug will be stop right dead in her track.

How to keep them away from your home

Avoid buying used household items, quarantine your luggage once you return from a trip, calling in expert terminators the instance you sight one bug. If nothing else works, use Nature Mace Bed Bug Killer – it will instantly kill off bugs lurking around your home.

Do Bed Bugs Jump