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February 12, 2018 2 min read

How to Keep Bed Bugs Away

People often confuse bed bug infestation with being dirty and unkempt. The truth is, anybody, even the cleanest of all, can suffer bed bug infestation when least expected. 5 star hotels in high class cities find themselves battling with bed bug infestation. How much more an unfortunate homeowner who accidentally picks up bugs in a bus, airplane and even hotels.

The key to preventing bed bug infestation isn’t cleanliness – it is in taking proactive steps to keeping them away. Let’s have a look at some of the effective techniques for preventing bed bug infestation

At home

Bed bugs can lie low unnoticed in your home for long. When they are eventually noticed, great damage might have been done. The best line of defence is taking proactive steps to keeping them away. Here are some effective strategies

  • De-clutter your home. Bed bugs, like every other kind of pests, thrive well in a place filled with clutters.
  • Use extremely hot water to wash clothes, bed covers and pillow cases frequently. If the water isn’t very hot, you might as well be wasting your time.
  • Avoid buying used furniture. Bed bugs have a penchant for furniture, so buying used furniture could be the ticket they need to invade your home. But if you must, quarantine the piece of furniture before bringing it into your home.
  • Avoid buying household items at yard sales. They may look cheap at first, but if they are infected with bugs it would be tragic.
  • Regular inspection. After hosting a guest, inspect your home. After returning from a trip, inspect your home

When traveling

The key to keeping away bugs when traveling is wrapped in this 5 word mnemonics: SLEEP

  • Survey the surface of the chair before sitting. If you spot shed skin, blood stains, and bed skirts, steer clear.
  • Lift every piece of item before accepting a room when lodging in a hotel. Lift up the mattress, raise up picture frames, and remove bed spreads. Inspect them carefully before putting them back.
  • Elevate your traveling bag far beyond their reach. Headboards and picture frames are favourite hiding spots for bed bugs. Ensure your luggage is kept far beyond these places.
  • Examine your travel gear once you get to your doorstep. You are uncertain about the integrity of your luggage, keep it some distance away from your bedroom.
  • Pack all luggage and the clothes you wore when traveling into a dryer. Then set the dryer to the highest possible temperature to roast any stowaway bug. The longer they stay in the dryer the better.

Stop them dead in their tracks

Bed bugs lack wings, but they can travel incredible distances. This is because they can clutch to personal belongings like bags, luggage, and purses, unnoticed. Regularly inspect your personal belonging especially when in transit. In so doing, you would have defeated them to their game.

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How to Keep Bed Bugs Away

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