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February 09, 2018 2 min read

Do bed bugs harm cats?

If bed bugs can clutch to feed on human blood and stick fast to our scalp, isn’t there a good chance they can do the same on the fur of our lovely feline? Well, the truth is that cats are, just like humans, prone to bed bug bites.

Worried that these blood sucking critters might take up residence on the fur of your loving feline? Your worries are unfounded; bed bugs only feed and move away. Taking up residence on the body of their victim is the last thing they would ever want to do.

To safe guard the health of your cat and save yourself undue worries, it makes sense to understand how the two mix.

Can Bed Bugs transmit diseases to Cats?

Till date, no disease have been known to be transmitted by bed bugs. So, there you don’t have to worry about your cat being infected after being bitten by a bug. However, bed bug bites can cause allergic reactions on cat. This can eventually lead to a secondary infection such as blisters and wheals. As much as possible, keep away bugs from your precious feline.

Can bugs live on the fur of cats?

Bed bugs are sneaky in their operation that you wouldn’t notice their presence on your scalp. If they can feast on the scalp of humans, nothing really stops them from doing so on the fur of a cat. But being shy in nature, they won’t want to be seen in the open, and so will retreat back to their nest once their tank has been filled.

What attracts bugs to cats?

By default, bed bugs feed on the blood of humans. Probably because the find it more nourishing or they just love it. But in the event their preferred choice of food source isn’t available, it’s only natural for them to want to try other sources. In such situation, a cat having a nice nap, a dog cooling off the heat of the day becomes a prey. So, nothing really attracts bugs to cats – they only come around when their source of food isn’t available.

What should I do when I notice bed bugs on my cat?

Instinctively, the very first thing to do is to slap life out of the silly bug. But this won’t help that much. There is a good chance your pet has brought home a colony of blood feeding insects. As such, contain the spread of the bugs by giving your pet a thorough wash with warm water and anti-bedbug shampoo. Next, have her bedding materials thoroughly washed with hot water and set in a dryer with the highest temperature setting.

Also, deploy the “suck the sucker” technique by thoroughly vacuuming the your pet’s crate. Be sure to be thorough. Lift all that needs to be lifted; get into the smallest crack – don’t leave things to chance.

How to keep bugs away from your feline

First, contain the movement of your pet. If she is in the habit of visiting neighbors, put an end to such habit. Second, use bed bug killing powder. Nature Mace’s Bed Bug Killer works wonderfully well.

Do bed bugs harm cats