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May 12, 2022 3 min read

In this article we will discuss the best techniques to keep cats off the counter? Cats love countertops but this is a bad habit that creates a variety of problems and hazards. This is why you should consider measures to keep cats off the counter. Cats are actually built to climb and jump. In the wild, they would climb trees and leap from one tree to the next as they move in search of food, to avoid danger, or to explore their territory. However, having cats jump or climb your countertops is dangerous. Countertops often have substances they should never ingest. Again, it might also expose you to pathogens and diseases that are harmful to humans. 


1.Don’t leave anything that they might like on the counter

The first rule of getting cats off countertops is to make them less attractive to cats. You need to develop routines to minimize interest in going on counters. For instance, you should avoid having leftovers on the counter. Always box them up and wipe down your counters. You should also put your bread in your cupboard, fridge, or breadbox. If you also have windows close to the counter in the kitchen, you should always keep them closed if your cat would be in there unsupervised.

2.Never allow your cats on the counters

If your deterrents must work, you need to stop sending confusing signals by allowing cats on your counters sometimes. This means you should also reinforce better behaviors by rewarding them when they get off the counters and not before.

3.Use a cat tree

It’s important to realize that you aren’t working to stop your cats from climbing altogether but to stop them from climbing or jumping on your counters. Hence, you must provide a redirection. Offer alternatives such as a cat tree so they can have something to climb. Cat ‘trees’ are furniture designed for indoor cats to scratch, climb, and explore. These trees will have interesting columns and poles to climb alongside platforms your cats can rest upon. You can also provide a kitty condo or a cat tower as well for more entertaining options.

4.Cat repellent sprays

One great substance that can keep cats off counters are cat repellent sprays. These sprays often employ unpleasant smells and taste that cats would avoid. All you need do is apply that cat repellent spray on the furniture or surface you wish to make off-limits. Once they get a whiff of that unpleasant smell, they would avoid climbing or jumping on that area.

That said, you should be cautious about the cat repellent spray you choose. Many products often contain chemicals that can be harmful to cats.

What are the best techniques to keep cats off the counter

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