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April 10, 2022 3 min read

This guide will show you the most proven steps to keep cats from jumping on countertops “cat mace liquid just light spray and wipe off”

Cats love countertops because they are high, great sources of food scraps among other reasons. However, having your cats use your countertops is a bad habit you need to break. First, countertops can be dangerous areas for your cat. They can step on a hot plate, eat harmful food scraps or inhale cleaning products. Secondly, since your countertops might be used in cooking the food you eat, there’s a heightened risk of dangerous diseases entering your food as cats step on them. Hence you should take steps to stop them from jumping on your countertops. There are numerous deterrence solutions you might consider to prevent cats from visiting your countertops. One such method that stands out is using a cat repellent spray. Here we talk about the steps you will take when using such spray. The following steps guide you on how to keep cats from jumping on countertops with ‘cat mace liquid just light spray and wipe off.

1.Get rid of food attractants from your kitchen counters

Cats love visiting countertops because of the juicy scraps they can find there. Hence you should get rid of that temptation by keeping food away from their reach. Keep your counters clean and all food carefully tucked away from time to time to discourage them. Always wash your dishes as soon as they are used. You should equally establish a regular feeding schedule for your cat so he doesn’t have to go looking for scraps.

2.Remove other attractions from your counters

Besides food, your cats may also be attracted to the counters because of:

  • Running water from the tap
  • A potted plant they love
  • Food packaging and clutter
  • Loose items that they can play with
  • Hanging items such as pans and pots

Hence you should invest in storage devices that would make these items less attractive to your cats.

3.Apply your cat mace liquid

Nature’s Mace odor-based repellent combines numerous scents that cats dislike to help you create a protective film around your furniture, kitchen countertops, and other parts of your living space, where you don’t want cat activity. All you need do is spray across the areas you wish protected and then wipe it off. Your cat mace liquid instantly creates that potent defense that keeps your counters safe from feline activity. The smell on the counter can repel cats but it’s not unpleasant for humans. So you can go about using your countertops normally.

4.Invest in alternative cat climbing devices

Cats often become attached to your kitchen countertops because they can’t find an alternative. So, you should offer them an alternative such as a cat tree or cat condo that provides the same height just as countertops. Ensure you purchase one with material that your cat would like such as bark or carpet. Besides, you should also look for warm and comfortable places where your cat can sleep.

5.Use positive reinforcement

The best way to keep counters is by training her to use other areas. Consider creating a cat lounging spot in your home and using rewards to get your cat to stay off the counter. You should avoid any negative behavioral activity that isn’t reinforcement. For instance, spraying cats with water is not reinforcement, but punishment. It won’t make them stop that inappropriate behavior, but will break the bond between you and your cat.

Invest in quality repellent spray

Your repellent spray provides a superb solution to complement your positive training strategies to keep cats away from your countertops and other vulnerable spots in your home.

5 steps to keep cats from jumping on countertops “with cat mace liquid just light spray and wipe off”

With Nature’s Mace, you won’t have to worry about hurting or poisoning your cat in any way. Although this repellent spray creates an uncomfortable environment, its ingredients are non-toxic to your cats, other pets, children, and even you. Nature’s Mace cat mace liquid is also kind to the environment. Regardless, it’s just as effective, fast-acting, and will provide a long-lasting deterrence.

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