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May 24, 2023 3 min read

It can be difficult to live with peace of mind if you have snakes in your area. These legless creatures are not something you should be having around your yard. Although, they might be famous for keeping the rodent population under control. This is because a single snake can eat up to 3 to 4 rats at a go. But that is not enough reason to have them hovering around your yard, due to the dangers they are capable of causing to your pets and household. Some snakes are extremely poisonous which is capable of causing death to humans. Your first instinct to run away when you see one, might not be the best way to avoid snakes. How about, you look for ways to repel them from even entering your yard or home? So, in this post, you will get to know how often should you use snake repellent. Click for more Snake MACE product information...

The frequency of application depends on several factors

Your unique situation may influence how often you should apply the snake repellent on your property. The most prominent is the amount of rainfall or snow in your area. If you witness frequent downpours, then you may have to apply your snake repellent more regularly than the technique explained below. Again, if you live in a snake-infested area, you need to apply your snake repellent generously and maintain consistency to keep them away for good.

Best way to use snake repellent

For you to get the most effective result while using snake repellent, you have to do it right. So, for the first-time application, it will be good if you spread 1lb per 64 square feet of the repellent powder:

  • Spread in areas that are highly prone to having snakes, and if you live in a snake-infested area, you will have to apply more of your snake's repellent. 
  • Besides, reapplication of the snake repellent powder is necessary. So, ensure you reapply after 2 - 4 weeks. But, this time around, apply 1lb per 100 square feet. 
  • For efficiency, it is better to apply the snake repellent powder when the day is dry, and if after application, it rains slightly then it is okay. But, if it rains heavily, then reapplication will become inevitable or necessary.

Why do snakes visit your yard?

The reason why snakes visit your yard is also important to make sure you are doing everything right to keep them out. Just like most animals, the major things that would warrant snakes visiting your premises are food and shelter. 

If they can find some of their favorite food or snacks on your premises, you will see them visiting often. Some of the favorite foods of snakes include mice, frogs, slugs, rats, fish, moles, and so on. Apart from the food, snakes would also need a good shelter to relax, hunt, and breed. They prefer cool places such as ponds, or leaky garden hoses. Leaf piles, dense compost, and thick bushes are also good hiding spots for snakes. Hence you need to get rid of these attractants. Eliminating these attractants will help maximize the potential of your reptile repellent being effective. 

Final thoughts

The best way to use a snake repellent is to ensure that your odor and taste barrier remains consistent. Hence, you need to figure out what works for you by assessing the number of snakes in your area, whether you live in an area prone to downpours, and the effectiveness of your repellent.

How often should you use a snake repellent

Fortunately, snake repellents like Nature’s Mace Snake repellent are available in two convenient forms for developing a robust barrier around your home. Nature’s Mace Snake repellent is formulated with all-natural ingredients to keep you safe while eliminating snakes from your personal space. Click for more Snake MACE product information...