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January 20, 2023 2 min read

Indoor snake repellent techniques can help you avoid snake activity within your home. Having snakes in your yard is dangerous. But there is also a greater danger of having snakes indoors. Venomous snakes can be potentially life-threatening. Hence, in this guide, we’ll talk about the most vital steps you must take to stop snakes from entering your home. Click for product information…

6 Indoor snake repellent ideas you can try


Garlic is quite distasteful to snakes. Hence, snakes will likely avoid anywhere with the pungent sulfonic acid aroma. The best way to apply garlic as a repellent is by cultivating the plant strategically on your front porch and garden. You can also make a garlic spray for use in places with less foot traffic, like the basement, crawlspaces, and garage.

Cultivate other snake-repelling plants

Another way to use scents to keep snakes out of your home is by making your lawn and garden less inviting through cultivated plants. Some natural snake-repellent plants you can try include West Indian Lemongrass, marigold, snake plant, onion, mugwort, Indian snakeroot, tobacco, basil, cactus, and cloves. Interestingly, many of these plants may also repel pests, giving you more wholesome benefits.

Get rid of food supplies

Snakes mostly go after food, and one of their favorites is rodents. You should use rodent deterrent strategies to ensure that they don’t enter your home because rodents often find their way indoors in search of food. One effective way to deter rodents indoors is by using rodent repellents.

Cover all openings leading into your home and garage

Snakes will take advantage of hide-y spots in your roof, underneath your home, and garage to enter your house. You need to methodically search for these openings, cracks, and crevices and seal them off.

Keep shrubs away from your home

Snakes move around, using as many hidden shady structures as possible. If you don’t have shrubs too close to your home, they will most likely not enter. So let in more sun around the edges of your home by cutting and pruning all grass, tall bushes, and tree branches.

Use snake repellents

Commercial snake repellents combine ingredients that have been proven and approved for repelling snakes. These substances are perfect for use around the perimeters of your property and anywhere you discover snake activity. They can stop snakes from entering, nesting, and foraging in your garden, yard, and home.

A practical solution to stop snakes from entering your home.

One of the most effective indoor snake repellent ideas is using snake repellents. Snake repellents combine strong, potent odors and tastes to cause irritation and discomfort to snakes and other critters. A non-toxic, eco-friendly formulation like Nature’s Mace Snake Mace works right away and could help get rid of any snakes in the area.

What are the best indoor snake repellent ideas

For your crawlspaces, garden sheds, garages, cars, and more, you can get Snake Mace in granular pouches and liquid sprays. Nature’s Mace Snake Mace can also be used around pets and children. Click for product information…

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