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August 10, 2022 3 min read

In this article we will discuss using live traps to keep mice out of the garage. You may consider many methods when trying to keep mice out of the garage. Mice and other rodents may enter your garage for diverse reasons. For instance, if you are storing pet food or bird seeds in your garage, they might be attracted to these food sources. Mice may also hole up in your garage during winter while seeking nesting spots.

One of the most popular methods of keeping mice out of the garage is using mice live traps. Live traps, instead of spring-loaded or toxic traps, would keep the mice alive, enabling you to release them far from your home. Newer designs require baiting the mice to enter, then tripping the door or hatch to trap the live trap. Hence, live traps may seem convenient to respond to that mice infestation. But should you use live traps to keep mice out of your garage? Product Review…

What to consider when using live traps in your garage

1.Do you have pets?

If you are using live traps in your garage, you must ensure that pets and children won’t find their way into your garage. Hence, you must always keep the garage locked and use the live traps.

2.Place the live traps strategically.

To increase the effectiveness of your live traps, you need to place them around vulnerable regions of your garage. This includes hidden spots and may be used by mice to hide or nest. Look out for areas with signs of mice, such as their droppings, to help you figure out the best places to place your live traps.

3.Live traps still require constant attention.

It is inhumane and against the laws to allow a trapped animal to remain within a live trap for too long. Hence you may have to check your live traps frequently but not too often. The sweet spot is two or three times a day.

4.The messiness of live traps

Live traps may seem easy, but you still need to consider moving the rodents to a new location. It might be a problem if you live in a residential area, since releasing the rodent might mean off-loading the problem on someone else. In the countryside, it might mean making the mice someone else’s burden. However, if you can get to the woods or other wildlife areas.

Other techniques to keep mice out of the garage

Whether you decide to use live traps or not, there are other solutions you must consider to kick mice out.

1.You must also fortify your garage door.

To ensure mice do not return to your garage, you must check for holes and openings and seal them. Make sure you use materials mice cannot chew through to see all potential entryways.


Mice repellents are some of the best eco-friendly methods to repel mice. These repellent sprays and pellets often combine scents that mice find repugnant. So you simply have to spray or drop the pellets around your garage to keep them out effectively. You may also spread your mice repellent around the foundations of your home and the outdoors to deter mice from entering your mice. Nature’s Mace rodent repellent works excellently well as deterrents and repellents. So you can use Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace to prevent and eliminate (in combination with other techniques) mice from your garage.

Final words

If you have noticed a mice infestation, you must act fast to keep mice out of the garage. Live traps are a great idea, but you must combine them with other solutions such as mice repellents to keep rodents out and protect your food storage, car, and other stored belongings. Product Review…

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