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October 04, 2021 2 min read

Mice are found almost everywhere in the world. They can be spotted both in urban and rural settlements. So, finding out what mice like and hate is vital to keep them away from your house. The focus of this article is to find out if mice hate peppermint oil. Click for Product Review…

Mice like and would eat a wide assortment of appealing foods. That is why they will always come to visit you. Click for Rodent MACE Question and Answer…

The many attractive foods you have in your kitchen would even make them build a nest in your house and decide to live with you for as long as they can. But are there things that mice hate? How do you repel them from your home? Do mice hate peppermint oil?

The affinity of mice and peppermint oil

If you are being terrorized by mice and looking for ways to keep them away from your house, then you may have heard about using peppermint oil around your home.

The reality is that mice hate fancy and pungent smells, which humans love. So, the amazing aroma of peppermint oil can repel them from your home. However, there are many drawbacks to using homemade peppermint mixtures to repel mice.

First, only a concentrated peppermint oil mixture can be an effective mouse repellent. So, you might have to use gallons of a homemade mixture repeatedly reapplied to achieve success.

Secondly, peppermint mixture can stain your surfaces and will fade away after a few hours. There’s also a danger of the oil getting absorbed by the foods stored around your home, making them unpalatable.

Thirdly, some people might consider using a peppermint essential oil diffuser, but this isn’t effective because the only way peppermint actually works is by soaking balls of the concentrated oil and placing them on all kinds of vantage points around your home.

Therefore, even as peppermint oil can repel mice and make your home smell nice at the same time, it is not an effective repellent.

How to keep mice away from your house

Mice are carriers of various diseases and can contaminate our foods and surfaces through their hairs and salvia. Therefore, you need to consider an effective measure to get rid of mice from your home as fast as possible.

We recommend using a multi-pronged strategy to do so. First, you should consider purchasing a more effective mouse control repellant. Next, eliminate gaps, holes, cracks, and other possible mouse entry points around your home. You should also seal your food correctly and clean up frequently to get rid of food crumbs.

Concluding thoughts

Do mice hate peppermint oil

Do mice hate peppermint oil? Yes, mice hate peppermint oil, mostly for its pungent smell. This is why many people consider peppermint oil as a way of repelling mice. However, this method is ineffective as you require gallons of concentrated peppermint oil and reapply once the smell fades away. In truth, you need a multi-step strategy that will get them out of your home and ensure they don’t return. Click for Product Review…

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