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October 05, 2021 3 min read

Do mice bite? If you found bite marks on your body, then you may wonder what sort of bite marks are those? This post will help you identify mice bites and what to do to protect you and your family.

Even though mice appear to be small animals, they carry a large number of diseases. Studies show that more than 30 diseases that mice carry can be transmitted through their saliva. But then, mice aren’t known to be aggressive. Still, do mice bite?

Mice and Rodent Bites

Mice have teeth, and they can bite. But mice will only bite people if they feel cornered or threatened. Even so, you are unlikely to be bitten by mice unless you are handling them. But how dangerous are these bites?

The truth is that mice bites aren’t serious because the biggest risk is that of infection and allergic reaction. However, their bites can also cause potentially lethal conditions due to the bacteria and viruses in them. This is why you mustn’t overlook their bites but seek treatment immediately. Your first step should be to wash the wound with soap and water and then call the doctor. You might be asked to take some antibiotics alongside using an antibiotic cream on the affected area

Notwithstanding, the bigger worry should be having mice living in your house with you. The house mice will eat and contaminate your food with diverse pathogens. For instance, they are carriers of leptospirosis. Again, mice can chew through a host of materials, even low gauge aluminum, and will likely destroy many properties in your home. So it would help if you dealt with the infestation as fast as possible.

Symptoms of bites

Rodents, in general, have sharp and strong front teeth that can break through the skin. If bitten, you might feel a sharp pinching sensation. So their bites usually cause a red, swollen, and puncture wound. However, it’s impossible to figure out what those bite marks signify on their own. So, you need to take steps to look for the culprit. Consider checking the surrounding area for signs of mice, such as mice droppings, scraps of materials gathered in hidden corners, and the mice themselves.

How to avoid mice bites?

Identifying the entry points of mice into your house is a key step. Once you identify them, take steps to seal all cracks and crevices around your home. You must also increase your sanitary practices and scrupulously clean your home. Mice are also attracted to exposed food, so you should store your food properly and clean all surfaces of crumbs. Also, consider using a mice repellent spray to eliminate mice from your home.

Concluding thoughts

Do mice bite? Yes, mice bite. But, they do bite mostly when they are cornered, sick, or trying to defend themselves. Usually, their bites aren’t serious, but they can also be potentially dangerous as mice carry dozens of diseases. It is better to avoid having mice in your home at all costs. If you find signs of mice, take steps to get rid of them. A comprehensive solution involving a suitable mice repellent spray, sanitation, and repair of all cracks and crevices is a smart solution to the mice infestation.

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