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January 24, 2022 2 min read

Are you ready to keep snakes away from the house? You can’t wait to actually recognize snakes to keep them out. In this guide, we will share the many steps to keep snakes away from your home.

1.Get rid of food attractants

Food attracts snake prey such as rodents. So you must limit attracting rodents to your home. This you can achieve by getting rid of debris and leaf piles. If you have pets, feed them inside the house to avoid having food around your property.

2.Eliminate tall grasses

Tall grasses can provide cover for snakes. Therefore you should properly mow and clean your lawn efficiently.

3.Eliminate birdhouses

Birdhouses can also become attractive for snakes. Some snakes are also excellent at climbing which means tall bird feeders may not keep them out. If you want to have birdhouses, then erect them on a metal pole of a wooden post wrapped with metal or with a conical barrier in place. sheet. You can also consider restricting bird feeding to colder months when snakes are less active and food availability is lower for birds.

4.Avoid using mulch

Mulch might make your lawn attractive but it also attracts invertebrates that snakes eat. Mulch can also provide cover for snakes. So instead of mulch, consider using crushed stone. This will eliminate cover for snakes and make your landscape less uncomfortable for them.

5.Patch up all holes

Repair all holes around your home to avoid snakes coming into your home. Look for holes around your garage, screen doors and property foundation. Also, look for cracks in windows and doors as well. Do realize that even holes that seem as small as a quarter, can be big enough for particular snake types.

6.Put up snake-proof fencing

You can also install a snake-proof fence around your property. The effectiveness will depend on the type of snakes around you and how that snake commonly travels. Generally, snake-proof fencing can be categorized into three types such as catch net, plastic sheeting and steel mesh. It’s not always practical to install a fence around your entire property but you can consider installing barriers around some areas of your home.

7.Invest in a snake repellent

Snake repellents are an excellent way to keep snakes away from your property. Snake repellents usually combine scent and taste to create an uncomfortable atmosphere for snakes. However, some snake repellents contain substances that may be harmful to your plants, pets and the entire household. This is why you need to be careful about the appropriate repellent you choose.

Fortunately, Nature Mace Snake repellents are the ideal solution to get rid of snakes in your landscape after cleaning and grooming your environment. Nature Mace Snake repellent also comes in both liquid and granular forms for protecting large areas of your home and property from snake invasion. Use Nature Mace Snake repellent as an outdoor defense against snakes in your vehicles, barns, sheds, gardens lawns and lots more. You will especially love that this snake repellent offers up to 1 month of protection before needing re-application.

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