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January 19, 2022 2 min read

If you wish to know the best cat deterrent sprays for keeping cats away from your property, then this guide is for you.

Cat deterrents are generally substances used to discourage cats from going into a given area. These devices are designed based on cats’ natural aversion to certain substances to effectively keep them out.

There are many different categories of cat deterrents ranging from physical barriers, scare tactics, scent-based repellents,taste-based cat repellents, and ultrasonic cat repellents.

A cat deterrent spray is a formula that usually combines scent and taste to keep cats away from their surroundings. These substances usually come in a ready-to-use container that only requires shaking before application. It’s equally possible to purchase this spray as a concentrate which will require a bit of mixing with water before spraying around your property.

Why use cat deterrent sprays?

Cat deterrent sprays are excellent for protecting large areas of land and property against cats. You can also buy excellent sprays that serve as indoor products and can be used on furniture and other parts of your home to discourage your pets from particular behavior such as urinating on your garden, scratching your wood, or upholstered furniture, and lots more. Cat deterrent sprays also work instantly which means you can start deterring cats from the first application.

Tips to maximize benefits

However, you should never forget that cats are smart animals. So you might have to consider other deterrents alongside. For instance, outdoors, it’s important to wash off territorial markers (urine spots) before applying your deterrent spray to increase effectiveness.

Indoors, you should provide alternative scratching equipment such as scratching posts and toys for your cat to play with. It’s also vital to eliminate the problem by considering other impediments that might hinder your deterrent from working. For example, open trash cans can attract stray cats. Having crawl spaces or places under your house that can serve as shelter to cats may also draw them in, even after applying your repellent.

What to look for in a cat deterrent spray

It’s highly important to look for a cat deterrent spray that won’t harm cats in any way. Harming animals helps no one. There’s even a risk that your pets or neighbors’ pets may become the victims of such deterrents. Beyond animals, harmful deterrents may also be toxic to little children.

Choose Nature MACE cat deterrent spray

Are you looking for a naturally-formulated cat deterrent spray that contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients? Nature’s MACE brings to you an array of cat deterrent sprays in diverse formulas perfect for your indoor and outdoor needs. Nature’s MACE combines scent and taste to keep cats away. What you’ll most love about Nature’s MACE is that these sprays are made from non-toxic environmentally-friendly ingredients.

This convenient spray will not also stain your fabrics or furniture and is pleasantly scented. Hence, you can use this spray to discourage your cats from destructively scratching your precious furniture. Overall, Nature’s MACE is the best humane deterrent solution for your indoors, gardens, and lawns.

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