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December 09, 2021 3 min read

If you are considering using a dog deterrent spray, you might wonder about the best way to apply for maximum results.

A dog’s sense of smell is about a thousand times stronger than a human’s sense of smell. This is why they can use their nose to figure out spaces where they can be safe or not. It is this defensive mechanism that is used to create a dog deterrent spray. Dog deterrent sprays are formulated with ingredients that would make the canine figure out that your garden, lawn, or property may not be the best place where they can carry out their activities. So you want to use these sprays on areas you would likely want to protect from their destructive activities.

Factors to consider before choosing your dog deterrent spray

However, it may seem easier to just pick any deterrent solution or create a homemade mix for your home and property. But some factors would influence your choice of a dog deterrent spray. First off, some natural homemade remedies contain substances that might seem harmless to humans but would be very aggressive on that dog. For instance, cayenne pepper can burn the throat and nostrils of dogs of any age.

So you need natural ingredients that have been tested and evaluated to be safe on dogs, your belongings, and the entire environment. This is why we recommend a specially formulated dog deterrent spray that comes with naturally tested ingredients that would not harm you, the dogs, or the environment.

Nature MACE Dog Mace solution is made from a safe and biodegradable formula that is harmless for both indoor and outdoor restrictions. Nature MACE repellents are easy-to-apply and can be used all year round. They taste and smell terrible for dogs but they would not burn or harm as badly as some homemade sprays.

How to apply a dog deterrent spray for maximum results

It’s important to realize that the best dog deterrent spray won’t help much if you don’t apply it properly. The proper application provides enough coverage and protection while ensuring the safety of the product. Here are some tips on how to effectively and safely apply a dog deterrent spray.

1.Always read the manual

Every spray comes with a unique set of instructions for your safety and its effectiveness. Therefore it’s highly important to follow those instructions to the latter.

2.Use the appropriate spray

Generally, dog deterrent sprays may work as both outdoor and indoor products. But it’s vital to ensure that your spray has those labels on them. Again, you should choose a dog deterrent spray and not a spray formulated for a different critter.

3.Consistency is essential

In the beginning, you might need to re-apply your spray more frequently than advertised on your dog deterrent spray. This helps maintain the level of concentration and will avoid creating ‘weaknesses’ in your defense against dogs.

4.The weather matters

The best dog deterrent spray may provide waterproof protection all year round during summer, spring, fall, or winter. However, prolonged or heavy rains will wash off anything including sprays. So you might want to re-apply more frequently if faced with such weather conditions.

5.Protect yourself and clothes

Regardless of how natural or safe your repellent spray is, the EPA recommends wearing the proper protective gear, including masks and gloves. Sprays can stick to your clothes and ruin them. Again, your dog deterrent spray maybe a little too concentrated for your nostrils which can be uncomfortable.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best dog deterrent spray is imperative. But also is your application technique. Nature’s MACE Dog Mace spray is an ideal solution that is easy to apply and can be used all year round on all kinds of trees, shrubs, ornamentals, and lots more. With Nature MACE, you don’t have to worry about harming the irritating critters or your landscape. Here’s the best solution for optimum results throughout the year.

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