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December 08, 2021 3 min read

This guide will help you create the perfect measures for keeping rodents out of car engines. Rodents are frustrating critters to get rid of and you wouldn’t want them anywhere in your home especially near your vehicle. When they do invade they can cause considerable damage by gnawing wires, ripping out insulation, and storing caches of trash and nuts within the engine of your car. The result is a lot of cosmetic and mechanical damage that might cost plenty of money to repair. Beyond that rats and mice are carriers of serious ailments such as leptospirosis, salmonella, and hantavirus Therefore, you must take steps to keep rodents out of your car engine and entire vehicle.

Why do rodents get into your car?

The car or truck is one of the most attractive spots for rodents to leave in. It provides space for them to search for food and hide from predators. In extremely cold temperatures, the engine compartment can offer warmth to these rodents. Plus, wires and other materials once chewed can offer an ideal nesting material. Therefore, you must ensure to take steps to get them out as soon as possible.

Identify signs of rodents

You may not find the critters themselves but here are some signs of rodent activity that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Stockpiled food and trash
  • Shredded items that serve as potential nesting materials such as food wrappers, shredded fabric, sticks, and leaves
  • Claw or scratch marks
  • Chewed wires, filters, upholstery, and hoses
  • Dead smells
  • Urine spots and dark droppings
  • Lit “check engine” light

Preventive measures to keep your car rodent-free

There are certain habits we might carry out that may create attractants thereby luring rodents into our vehicle. Hence, here are steps you can take to keep them from coming into your vehicle in the first place;

  • Ensure your car or truck is always free of clutter and food debris
  • Park within a garage if possible
  • Seal off or remove all rat hiding spots around your car
  • Steam clean your engine compartment from time to time
  • Park at alternate spots to make your car less hospitable to these critters

Steps to keep rodents out of your car engine

Now you know all about identifying rodent activity and preventing it, let’s talk about the actual measures to keep rodents out of car engines for good.

1.Leave your hood up at night

Rodents love the car engine because it’s secure and closed thereby helping them feel safe. So you can leave your hood up to reduce their comfort.

2.Tape up your wires

Consider wrapping wires and harnesses in capsaicin-infused tape. This helps you address the wire chewing problem in your car.

3.Invest in a rodent defense spray

One of the most effective ways to keep rodents out of your car engine is by using a rodent defense spray. Rats have a sensitive sense of smell and will automatically change their nesting spots if they find that your hood no longer feels safe due to its smell.

Fortunately, Nature MACE Rodent MACE is a high-quality all-around rodent repellent that can keep your car safe from rodent infestation. Our assortment of repellents is made from all-natural ingredients to protect you without harming the environment. Rodent MACE is not just ideal for spraying your car engine, it can be used to protect flowers, beds, shrubs, trees, and all other properties. What you would love about the Rodent MACE is that it is both long-lasting and will effectively repel all types of rodents.

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