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September 26, 2021 3 min read

How do you search for bed bugs in a car? Bed bugs are pesky insects that might infect any space. Usually, a deep search should do the trick. So in this article, we will talk about how to search for bed bugs in your car and the steps to take afterward.

How to check for bed bugs in a car

Bedbugs are wingless, crawling insects that feed on blood, preferably from humans. They spread no diseases, but the itchy bites they can cause are painful and might even lead to a secondary skin infection. Some people even have allergic reactions to these bites. Generally, bed bugs infest homes, preferably around sleeping areas.

But they can also move beyond these to your car. It happens when you bring in clothes, furniture, bags, and other things in your vehicle. Do realize that you might not find them in large numbers in the car because they mostly prefer to look for human sleeping areas. Yet, when they infest a vehicle, they can stay there for a long time, biting and feeding on humans whenever they come into the car.

This is why it is crucial to learn how to check for bed bugs in a car.

Does temperature matter for bed bugs in a car?

Absolutely. In reality, adult bed bugs can survive for up to a year without food. Nymphs can survive between a few days to several months as well without food. However, temperature is an essential factor. Bed bugs will only stay in temperatures above 46oF. The majority won’t survive above 113oF as well, but there are also a few tropical species that can live above this temperature. Therefore, they are unlikely to survive during the winter in a car if you live in an icy region. Still, this isn’t a foolproof way to get rid of bed bugs, as parts of your vehicle might not get hot or cold enough to kill them. It’s better to deal with the infestation the correct way.

How do you know if you have bed bugs in your car?

To identify bed bugs in your car, you need to look for them. You will have to disassemble your car cushions, car rugs, and every area within the vehicle. It’s essential to be methodical in finding these bugs quickly. Look around all kinds of crevices and fabrics around your car for the following signs:

  • Reddish stains, which are blood stains
  • Dark spots or smears that resemble black pepper but are bed bug excrement
  • Bed bug skins look like the bugs but are translucent and empty
  • Bed bug eggs are often milky or yellowish-white. They look like tinier rice grains
  • Live bed bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs in car

Bed bug infestations in cars don’t always happen. But then they do; you need to deal with the infestation as soon as possible. Below are several strategies to deal with the infestation.

  • Bed bug spray –Consider a chemical treatment for your car’s interior to kill all bed bugs.
  • Steam cleaning –Consider steam cleaning alongside to kill bed bugs that have completely lodged themselves within your car seats.
  • Clean your car– Cleanliness doesn’t stop a bed bug infestation from happening. But it can cut an infestation off. While cleaning, ensure to vacuum every crack in your car. Don’t forget to wash your seat covers and floor mats alongside to kill all lingering pets.
  • Fumigator – If bed bugs continue in your car, you can consider contacting pest control to get your fumigated properly.

How to check for bed bugs in a car?

Concluding thoughts

If you suspect bed bugs, then you should methodically check for bed bugs in a car. Bed bugs are pesky insects, and dealing with the infestation can be challenging. However, using multiple strategies (vacuuming, steam cleaning, chemical treatment) a few times will possibly deal with the infestation.

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