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February 18, 2018 2 min read

How to get rid of Bed Bugs in your car?

Bed bugs got their name from the preferred choice of habitat: bed. Small, flat bellied, and sneaky, these parasitic set of insects can find their way around without much hassles. When they visit a place, they have only but one goal; colonization. A pregnant, stowaway bed bug is all that is needed for your home or car to be taken over by bugs.

Yes, bed bugs can take over your car at the snap of the finger without your notice. Worse, you can pick them up accidentally without even knowing they are there. Something as harmless as giving someone a lift could leave your car infested with bugs.

Taking precautionary measures against bugs is always the first line of defense to keep them off. But no matter how careful you get, they can still take over your car. Not to worry;bed bug infestation in your car isn’t the end of the world. Below are some effective techniques for ridding your car of bed bugs.

  1. First, be sure they are there

Why spend money and time fighting something that wasn’t even there in the first place? It makes sense to be do a thorough investigation to confirm the presence of bed bugs before commencing treatment.

To start with, rake up all clutters taking up space in your car. Then do a visual inspection using a torch. Check beneath and atop the seats. Visually inspect every spot in the car. Next, check for sheds of human skin, blood stains, brown spots, and molted skin. Additionally, observe your body after taking a trip once you get off the car. If you notice red welts that gets itchy, chances are a bed bug is the culprit.

  1. Hot Steam Cleaning

When exposed to temperatures in excess of 180 degrees, bed bugs don’t survive. Since you can’t cook your car up to 180 degrees, using hot steam is a better alternative. Hot steam cleaning involves using a pump to push out hot stream of steam. The steam kills and flushes away the bugs at the same time.

It’s best you get experienced hands to help you with these type of treatment.

  1. Use of pesticides and sprays

Probably the quickest and easiest, this treatment tactics will work well if the right spray or pesticide is used. Now, not all product is worth trying. They are either unsafe or ineffective. Nonetheless, Nature Mace’s Bed Bug Killer is your best bet.

  1. Diatomaceous earth powder

Talking about natural treatment for bed bug infestation, diatomaceous earth powder is next to none. Being a naturally ingredient, it is safe to be used around pets and kids. Diatomaceous earth powder works by sucking out every ounce of moisture in the pesky critter and killing it off instantly. For maximum result, fill every crevice and crack with the powder till it over flows. Give no room to chance.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs in your car

Bed bugs won’t leave your home just because you want them to. They won’t budge a bit if you do a one-off attack. Consistency and tenacity is key here.