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January 17, 2022 2 min read

If you wish to choose the best dog repellent sprays, then there are some critical details you need to muster.

Dog repellents generally keep dogs from certain areas of your property and can be used to correct unwanted behavior. These repellents range from sonic devices, to odor-based repellents, taste-based repellents, loud noisemakers, to physical barriers. Each group of dog repellent comes with its’ unique benefits and drawbacks.

While you should always consider a mixture of dog repellent and deterrents to erect safe and effective barriers, dog repellent sprays are must-haves. They serve different purposes and will provide an almost instantaneous result.

Types of dog repellent sprays

Generally, there are three main categories of dog repellent sprays. There are dog repellent sprays you can use for keeping aggressive canines at bay. These sprays are used during confrontation with dogs especially when out jogging.

The second category of dog repellent sprays are ideal for use around your lawns, gardens and property. This can help prevent dogs from urinating around your property, and digging around your garden.

They also deter stray dogs but you don’t have to spray directly at the dog. It’s quite possible to find a dog repellent spray that works both ways since the mechanism is the same. The only difference is that your dog repellent spray for jogging would be easy to carry around.

The third category is used indoors for correcting unwanted behavior such as stopping dogs from barking, stealing food off counters, jumping up, chewing cords, biting, digging, scratching, and other unwanted behaviors safely. These repellent sprays can be applied on furniture and will leave no stain or residue behind.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that all dog repellent sprays don’t achieve the same results as all dog breeds. So, it’s not always possible to have a single spray that may deter all types of dogs. In most cases, you may have to test different deterrent sprays to find the best solution for the breed of dogs you are dealing with.

Be cautious about the dog repellent sprays you choose

It’s quite possible to create sprays at home that can effectively deter dogs. But some sprays are extremely harmful to dogs, even when they seem harmless to humans. A good example is dog pepper spray. Dog pepper spray is extremely spicy and will burn the eyes, and mucous membranes like the mouth and nose. These effects last up to 45 minutes and are incredibly painful. Hence you should avoid using such inhumane formulas for dogs. Besides pepper, other repellent sprays may contain carcinogens and harmful materials that are bad for the dog’s health and even the health of the sprayer.

Fortunately, there are better sprays that will discourage dogs without harming them in any way.

Nature’s MACE Dog MACE formula is backed by rigorous scientific studies to design the best repellent spray that will deter dogs without harming them. Nature’s MACE dog repellents are also non-toxic and biodegradable. This spray is safe for use around children, pets, and plants. With Nature MACE Dog repellent formula you can effectively protect your shed, garage, garden, and lawn and gain that much-deserved peace of mind.