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April 25, 2022 3 min read

How do you choose the best cat repellent for the yard? This guide will share with you everything you need to know.

Cats can be very adorable animals to have around. But having stray or feral cats visit your yard might not be a great idea. Stray or feral cats are incredibly aggressive and territorial. So they can attack other pets you have in your yard. Roaming domestic cats (as well as strays and feral cats) can also kill other animals such as birds. They are responsible for killing over 140 million birds and small animals every year. They are also carriers of some parasites and fleas and would spread them in your yard. Beyond that, they would dig up your yard and transform it into their toilet space, you must take steps to keep them away from your yard. This is why you might wonder about the best cat repellent for the yard. Let’s talk about the numerous types of cat repellents.

Types of cat repellents

1.Physical barriers

If you have a garden in your yard, you can use physical barriers such as chicken wires to cover the soil. This action of yours would discourage cats from stepping on them, because cats don’t like bristly materials. Other rough surfaces like eggshells, sharp-edged pine cones, stone mulch, and others can also dissuade them from digging in your yard.

2.Plant barriers

Certain plants have the potential to repel cats from your yard. It is believed that these plants emit scents that cats dislike. So, while looking for cat repellent for the yard, consider these plants: lavender, geranium, rue, pennyroyal, lemon thyme, and others.

3.Motion-activated sprinklers

Cats don’t like being baptized with water. You can install a motion-activated sprinkler in your yard that sprinkles water on cats once it senses their movements. With this system, cats would know that they are not needed in your yard, and they will stay off. However, do realize that aggressive strays might grow accustomed to the spray and find their way into your yard. So this method may prove ineffective in the long run.

4.Sound barriers

Besides motion-sensitive sprinklers, you can also consider motion-sensitive bells and wind chimes. These devices will release surprising sounds randomly that would scare them off. Again, the novelty of these devices fades quickly.

5.Odor-and-scent-based repellents

Odor and scent-based repellents are one of the best solutions to your cat problem. These repellents combine taste and smell to create an uncomfortable environment that would keep cats out. However, you should carefully select the right repellent to avoid products with toxic compounds that might harm the cats or your own pets.

Other tips to maximize results from using a cat repellent in your yard

You should also realize that it’s best to combine deterrent strategies such as combining odor-and-scent-based repellents with physical barriers to maximize results. Nevertheless, choosing your preferred cat repellents is important. But, there are other things you must do to increase deterrence.

1.Remove food sources

Get rid of food sources and things that attract cats: If you have pets, ensure not to feed them in your yard. If you do, the aroma of the food can attract other animals like cats to your yard. Always cover your trash bin properly and keep your outdoor grill free of food smells.

2.Get rid of their territorial markers

Use strong neutralizing chemicals to wash off urine sprays from the walls or doors around your yard. If cats have marked your yard in the past, they won’t be able to recognize it. You can also boost your cleaning by using neo-friendly liquid Castille soap on furniture, doors, and patio.

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What is the best cat repellent for the yard

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