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April 18, 2022 2 min read

Are you looking for proven ways to keep dogs off grass? Here we talk about the most reliable strategies.

Dogs are lovely creatures, but it can be quite painful to have dogs mess up the grass in your lawn, after spending so much time and energy to keep it neat and tidy.

Are you facing these challenges? Do you witness regular visits from stray dogs, coming around to poop all over the place, urinate, and dig up the grass in your lawn?

If yes, then we have some proven solutions to keep dogs off grass.

6 amazing ways to keep dogs off grass.

1.Install a Motion detector sprayer

One great way to keep dogs off grass is to install motion detector sprayer. This device will spray dogs water once it senses their movement on the grass, and make the dogs run away from the grass.

2.Install a fence to keep dogs off grass

Dogs are not remarkable jumpers, so you can install a fence to protect your property and stop dogs from intruding and messing up the grass. However, make sure the fence is properly installed to prevent dogs and other animals from digging and going under. If you already have a fence, you also need to periodically check for holes that need to be repaired.

3.Cultivate plants that dogs don’t like

Some plants have smells that are offensive to dogs.. Others have prickly or thorny foliage that would repel them. You should use such plants around the boundaries of your lawn to keep them out. Examples of such plants are citrus trees, lavender, citronella, curry plants, rue, and so on.

4.Opt for plant-based fertilizer

Using fertilizer with some kinds of organic material might cause a strong reaction in dogs. Dogs are easily drawn to bone meals, fish and blood. Hence you should replace your fertilizer with a plant-based version.

5.Provide their own playing area

You can also consider providing a spot where dogs can play to keep them off grass. This is especially important for your own personal dogs as providing their own spot creates a win-win situation. Otherwise, it becomes confusing as you might already allow dogs to run on the grass in the park and now wish to ban them from your lawn.

6.Invest in a commercial dog repellent

After cultivating a lush green lawn, it’s highly important to take steps to prevent those critters from messing up your hard work. A dog repellent might just be the best way to repel dogs. These substances will create an uncomfortable environment that keeps dogs off without harming the dog in any way. Most dog repellents come in granular or liquid form. However, you can combine both to create a solid odor barrier that keeps them off for good.

How to keep dogs off grass

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