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January 18, 2023 2 min read

Finding your furry pet or a stray dog doing his business on the lawn can be frustrating. The pee or poop from dogs can be detrimental to the health of your lawn. You must consider using a dog lawn deterrent to stop them from peeping or pooping all over your lawn. There are tons of techniques, but only a few are highly effective. One DIY remedy you may consider is using baking soda as a dog lawn deterrent. Click for product information…

The case for baking soda

Baking soda is incredibly versatile. It is a household staple best known for its neutralizing and cleaning powers. You can use baking soda to remove four odors and clean challenging items such as tile grout, microwave, and even the oven. It also helps eliminate tough stains, freshen towels, deodorize the refrigerator, and many more. Although questionable, it is also a miracle ingredient for healing sore throats and even ingested antacid for decreasing stomach acidity. Nevertheless, would baking soda make a great lawn deterrent?

Is baking soda a good dog lawn deterrent?

The answer is No. Baking soda may be a neutralizer and cleaner, but it does not stop dogs from returning to that awful behavior. You need other deterrents that would make them uncomfortable when they wish to settle down to poop or mark your lawn.

How to use baking soda around your lawn

Baking soda can work as a complementary measure against a dog’s unwanted behavior. Remember that baking soda alone may not stop dogs from peeing or pooing around your lawn. It neutralizes the smell of dog urine, making your lawn less of a “familiar” space to dogs. You’ll also love that baking soda may help protect your plants from the damage that urine causes. Mix one cup of baking soda in about a gallon of water to use baking soda as a neutralizer. Spread the mixture around your lawn, focusing on its perimeters if you are deterring strays. You should also apply generously to areas where the dog tends to urinate. Do this about twice a week until the unwanted behavior stops entirely.

Take action to stop dog’s unwanted behavior.

Baking soda only protects your plants and acts as a urine neutralizer. Therefore, it is not an excellent lawn deterrent for dogs. You need a more powerful solution to cause a strong reaction without hurting your furry critters. You can consider other DIY scent repellents such as cultivating spiky shrubbery, using garlic powder, detergents, or coffee grounds. Still, some DIY dog deterrents may be harmful.

Still, if you require an effective environmentally friendly dog lawn deterrent that almost instantaneously deals with your dog problem, choose Nature’s Mace. 

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