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August 31, 2019 3 min read

In this article we will discuss Chemical free flea bite home remedies. If you are an outdoor type of person, or just someone with a flair for spending some quality time in the cool shade of your back yard, chances are that you must have suffered flea bites at one time or the other.

Fleas are sometimes referred to as sand flies and they are found in our homes especially in cases where we have pets to cater for, and also in the yards and if you do not mow the grasses regularly.

Bites from these bugs are easily treated with some specific home remedies that tend to be natural and chemical-free.

The bites from such insects manifest in the form of clustered red spots that tend to itch a lot. However, scratching these red spots do, further, lead to rash, swelling and inflammation, and some of the available chemical-free fleas bite home remedies that tend to be useful in the treatment of symptoms include:

Ice Packs

Inculcate the use of ice packs, otherwise known as a cold compress to numb the sensation around the flea-bitten spots. This is known to effectively reduce itching and swelling.

Herbal Products

Herbal products are another great chemical free flea bite home remedies. Rub on a herbal product comprising Aloe Vera and witch hazels, due to their ability to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. Meanwhile, the gel from the leaves of aloes is also used to augment this effect.

Tea tree oil

The anti-inflammatory effects of tea tree oil have also being exploited in treating flea bites via the process of applying the oil to the spots, and trust me the aroma is so nice.


Swab with alcohol, or a mixture of white or apple cider vinegar with water. Alcohol exerts a soothing and chilling effect on skin and this property can be used to cure flea bites.


This mixture white or apple cider vinegar and water produces a soothing effect on the skin relieving the itching and swellings that result from flea bites.

Peppermint leaves or oil

Apply crushed peppermint leaves or oil. These crushed leaves or oil of peppermint applied directly to the bitten spot is able to relieve itching from the flea bites. This is as a result of the cooling effect of the oil.

Baking Soda

Apply a paste of baking soda. The mild alkaline nature of baking soda has been known to neutralize the pH of the skin, thereby lessening inflammations observed at the sore spots of a flea bite. Meanwhile, you only need water to make the paste, although if you have readily available with you some citrus extracts, a faster relief is received.

Use of tea bags

The astringent properties of the tea components help to soothe the skin around the flea bites by pulling water out of the bitten spot and subsequently reducing inflammation.

Other miscellaneous remedies include slapping the bitten spots in order to subject the body to another pain,

Occupy yourself and take your mind off the itch caused by flea bites, and lastly, take a hot shower, rather than a cold one, because science has proven its ability to provide a form of relief to the itching. For professional, all natural flea repellents visit this link Check back for more related articles like Chemical free flea bite home remedies. Thank you for visiting our website.